Fruit powder collection! iPhone 14 Plus will go on sale tomorrow ~ can the official website order today? List 5 reasons to buy!

Fruit powder collection! iPhone 14 Plus will go on sale tomorrow ~ can the official website order today? List 5 reasons to buy!

The iPhone 14 Plus that fruit fans have been waiting for a long time will finally be on the shelves tomorrow! I haven’t bought the 14 SIS series before, so consider the iPhone 14 Plus with a big screen! Apple says this one has the best battery life in years! If SIS is an APP who is full of energy and likes to play mobile games, photography, etc., then the iPhone 14 Plus is really a good choice! And the iPhone 14 Plus is the lightest large screen iPhone ever! 5 reasons to buy the iPhone 14 Plus now!

iPhone 14 Plus 1. Large size shows an affordable version for the first time

In the past, if you wanted a large size fruit powder, you have to buy the expensive Pro version! Many users with large hands who want to work with mobile phones have to bite the bullet and buy the Pro version, but in fact, there is no need to use the powerful upgrade functions of the Pro version. It is very sad that buy! So this time, the plus size version of the affordable version that everyone has been knocking on for a long time is very exciting! I believe that the second wave of sales after Apple’s autumn press conference will not be worse than the first wave!

iPhone 14 Plus 2. Longest battery life ever

Apple’s official website targets, this time their longest battery life ever! For those who love playing mobile games, chasing victories, and taking pictures, this is definitely a great boost! iPhone 14 Plus has up to 26 hours of video playback time; up to 20 hours of video streaming time; and up to 100 hours of audio playback time! It’s like saying you don’t need to charge for the whole day! sprinkle flowers

iPhone 14 Plus 3. Lighter than the Pro

The iPhone 14 Plus weighs only 203 grams! ! ! You have to know that the weight of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which is the same size as the iPhone 14 Plus, is 240 grams, a difference of 37 grams, and! ! The editor found that the small iPhone 14 Pro (206 grams) is 3 grams heavier than the iPhone 14 Plus ~~ This is definitely a highlight!

iPhone 14 Plus 4. You can shoot a blockbuster just like a selfie

The new native depth-sensing front camera on iPhone 14 Plus, with autofocus and a larger aperture, allows you to take close-up selfies or group photos with clear, bright, colorful masterpieces. In the rear lens part, the dual camera system has been upgraded to “12-megapixel main camera” and “12-megapixel ultra-wide angle”! The main camera has been upgraded to f1.5 aperture, which greatly improves the ability to shoot in low light sources! Another point! ! The most surprising new “Action Mode” for Aiphoto fans, the iPhone 14 Plus also has ~~ directly to help you save the stabilizer! It is basically the same specification as the iPhone 14 Pro series, and the CP value is very high!

– Main camera 12MP: 26mm, aperture ƒ/1.5, sensor movement optical image stabilization, seven lens groups, 100% focus pixels
-12MP ultra-wide angle: 13mm, ƒ/2.4 aperture and 120 ° viewing angle, five lens groups

Can you place an order today on the official website?

The editor found that the official website can place an order today ~~ the fastest 3 working days! ! Ships on October 13th! !It’s so fast ~~ I still don’t have the iPhone 14 pro I ordered (cry

Don’t wait for tomorrow if you want to buy SIS ~~ Hurry up and place an order on the official website now!

Source: AppleTW

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