FTSE rebalance pressure drags Thai stocks down -3.25 points


Thai stocks closed -3.25 points, brokerage pointed out that stocks fell from negative factors, FTSE rebalance, weight reduction of Thai stocks causing some sales force to come out Looking at the trend next week, the direction is in the same frame. Evaluate the support frame at 1,660 points and resistance at 1,700 points.

The SET closed for trading on March 18, 2022, down -3.25 points or -0.19%, closing the market at 1,678.51 points, trading value 98,135.25 million baht. Overall trading today, the SET INDEX index fluctuates up and down. The positive and negative territory rose the highest at 1,685.68 and dropped as low as 1,677.16.

Today’s changes in securities rose 629, 579 were unchanged, and 1,144 were down.

In terms of trading volume classified by investor group, it was found that Domestic investors bought a net of 1,058.38 million baht and a securities account bought a net of more than 1,374.37 million baht. On the other hand, foreign investors sold a net of -2.234.60 million baht and institutional investors sold a net of -198.16 million baht.

As for the securities with the highest trading value, the 5 securities
1.KBANK trading value 5,189.79 million baht, closing at 161.50 baht, a decrease of 1.50 baht.
2.PTTEP trading value 4,330.47 million baht, closed at 145.00 baht, increased 1.50 baht
3.CPALL trading value 3,552.32 million baht, closed at 67.25 baht, a decrease of 0.25 baht.
4.AOT trading value 2,923.55 million baht, closing at 65.00 baht, the price is unchanged.
5.JTS trading value 2,459.79 million baht, closing at 285.00 baht, a decrease of 6.00 baht.

The top 5 SET100 indexes with the biggest gains are:
1.CENTEL closes at 39.75 baht, an increase of 2.25 baht or +6.00 %
2.PTTEP closes at 145.00 baht, an increase of 1.50 baht or 1.05%.
3.MEGA closed at 45.00 baht, an increase of 1.25 baht or 2.86%.
4.JMART closed at 54.75 baht, an increase of 1.00 baht or 1.86%.
5.BBL closes at 138.00 baht, an increase of 1.00 baht or 0.73%.

The five SET100 indices with the biggest price drop are:
1.SCC closed at 381.00 baht, a decrease of 4.00 baht or 1.04%.
2.AEONTS closes at 204.00 baht, a decrease of 3.00 baht or 1.45%.
3.SCB closes at 118.50 baht, a decrease of 2.00 baht or 1.66%.
4.BH closes at 164.50 baht, a decrease of 2.00 baht or 1.20%.
5.ADVANC closes at 232.00 baht, a decrease of 2.00 baht or 0.85%.

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The SET100 index closed at 2,302.94 points, down -7.16 points or -0.31%, the SET50 index closed at 1,015.02 points, down -4.15 points or -0.41%, and the mai market index closed at 621.38 points, an increase of 12.58 points or 2.07%.

Wichit Arayapisit, senior director and strategist of Maybank Securities (Thailand), said the Thai stock market today fluctuated slightly, alternating positive-negative factors. Positive factors came from higher crude oil prices after the International Energy Agency. (IEA) issued a report warning of tightness in the oil market. The sanctions had prevented Russia from exporting crude oil and other oil products totaling 3 million b/d in April, while oil demand was forecast to fall by only 1 million b/d. causing the upstream energy group and the refinery to have speculation

The domestic factor The Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CDC) has relaxed for foreign tourists to enter Thailand without having to do RT-PCR checks first. It is expected that more foreigners will enter. Supporting tourism stocks AOT, ERW, MINT

While negative factors today, FTSE rebalance, reduce the weight of Thai stocks. causing sales force to come out Although expected to reduce the weight of only about 20-25 million US dollars. But it is a factor that puts pressure on investment sentiment, making the market not far away. Today, the factors are not strong, both positive and negative.

Trends in the next week It is expected that the market is still not far away. The factors that must be monitored are the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. In the next week, support 1660 points, resistance 1,700 points, in the area of ​​1680-1,700 points, there will be a profit-taking. to lock in profits and play more rounds

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