Fujian Provincial Market Supervision Bureau deploys a special campaign to crack down on pension fraud

Southeast Net, May 19th (Reporter Zhang Liqing of this website) In order to further rectify the hidden dangers of fraud in the fields of “food” and “health products” related to the elderly, and strengthen market supervision to investigate and deal with illegal business activities such as false propaganda, recently, the Fujian Provincial Market The Supervision Bureau has deployed a special campaign to crack down on pension fraud and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of elderly consumers. In this campaign, the market supervision department will focus on the following work priorities to crack down and rectify:

Carry out special inspections on food safety of “elderly-related” in the sales process. Focus on investigating and punishing irregularities such as non-standard business labels and labels, and prevent substandard products from entering the market.

Carry out a special campaign for health food sales safety supervision and inspection. Supervise health food business enterprises to implement the main responsibilities of special counter sales, consumption reminders, check product labels and instructions, purchase inspection and records, information traceability, etc., and promote health food sales management standards.

Strengthen the monitoring and supervision of advertisements of “senior-related” food and health products. Focus on investigating and punishing the assertions or guarantees of efficacy and safety in the advertisements of food and health products, involving illegal advertisements such as disease prevention and treatment functions.

Carry out special enforcement actions against unfair competition. Severely crack down on the promotion of “health care” products under the guise of free expert consultations, free travel, and health consultation lectures.

Supervise and guide local e-commerce platforms to establish and improve platform rules.

Unblock the reporting channels and strengthen the sorting out of clues. Relying on the local 12315 platform and hotline, broaden the channels for appeals, and promptly accept complaints and reports involving the scope of market supervision functions in the fields of “food” and “health products” for the elderly in accordance with the law.

Intensify the investigation and handling of cases involving elderly “food”, “health products” and other fields. Focus on investigating and handling major cases that have impact and deterrence.

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