Fujifilm Celebrates 25th Anniversary of INSTAX with Launch of New INSTAX Pal Camera

Fujifilm (Thailand) Company Limited, known as Fujifilm, has recently introduced the latest addition to their INSTAX camera family called “INSTAX Pal.” This compact and portable camera is designed to capture all the fun moments of your travels, offering the convenience of instant photography. The INSTAX Pal is available in five different colors, including the new “Soft Lavender” mini film which features a soft pastel purple frame.

The launch of the INSTAX Pal is particularly special as it celebrates the 25th anniversary of the INSTAX instant camera family, which was first launched in 1998. Over the years, Fujifilm has continuously updated and expanded the product line to keep up with new trends and technological advancements. What started as instant analog cameras has now evolved into hybrid cameras and film printers that can be operated via smartphones. This wide range of INSTAX products is now ready to cater to the needs of different generations, from youngsters to adults.

The INSTAX Pal distinguishes itself as the first camera in the INSTAX family that focuses solely on photography. By separating the printing function from the main device, it has become a small camera that can easily fit in the palm of your hand, offering enhanced portability and flexibility.

The INSTAX Pal comes with various features to facilitate photography. The Standard mode allows users to capture photos with a simple press of the shutter button. The wide-angle lens enables the capture of unique angles and low-angle shots that may be challenging to achieve with a smartphone camera. Additionally, the camera can be easily operated single-handedly to capture the entire atmosphere around you. The Remote mode allows for connectivity with smartphones via Bluetooth through a dedicated app, providing instant access to captured images. The Interval Mode includes a continuous shooting timer every 3 seconds, ensuring uninterrupted capture of memorable moments. Furthermore, the INSTAX Pal can be connected to other printers in the INSTAX series via Bluetooth for easy printing. It also features a movie mode, expanding its versatility. Fujifilm remains committed to developing an instant system that enables everyone to have fun capturing special moments anytime, anywhere.

The INSTAX Pal is offered in five different colors: Milky White, Powder Pink, Lavender Blue, Pistachio Green, and Gem Black. Additionally, Fujifilm has introduced a new “Soft Lavender” mini film pattern, featuring a soft and pastel purple frame.

Fujifilm emphasizes that with the INSTAX Pal, even the smallest moments can feel significant. This tiny yet powerful camera allows users to easily capture and preserve cherished memories. The INSTAX Pal offers seven outstanding features, including its ultra-small design, weighing only 41 grams, making it highly portable. Its Standard mode simplifies the photo-taking process with a single shutter button, while the wide-angle lens enables the capture of unique angles. The camera’s versatile ring functions as a viewfinder and a built-in tripod. It supports shooting and printing in three formats: mini, SQUARE, and WIDE, catering to different preferences. Through Bluetooth connectivity, images captured by the INSTAX Pal can be automatically sent to compatible apps, encapsulating the element of surprise. The smartphone app offers various features such as Remote mode, Interval mode, and an INSTAX Animation function, allowing users to have endless fun with their photos. In addition, the camera seamlessly connects to INSTAX Link printers for immediate printing. Other notable features include a built-in lithium-ion battery, USB Type-C charging, and expandable memory capacity through a microSD card.

In summary, the INSTAX Pal camera caters to users who value convenience, mobility, and the joy of instantly capturing and preserving memories. Fujifilm strives to bring small moments to life with this compact yet powerful camera.

Fujifilm (Thailand) Company Limited “Fujifilm” has launched the “INSTAX Pal”, the newest camera of the INSTAX family, small and compact, ready to travel to capture every fun moment with you anywhere at the camera “ INSTAX Pal.” There are 5 colors to choose from, including a new “Soft Lavender” mini film in a soft lavender purple.

This launch is very special because the INSTAX family of instant cameras is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year after its launch in 1998. Since then, technology has developed and functions have been adapted to meet with new trends, expanding the product line from instant analog cameras to hybrid cameras and film printers that can be operated via smartphones, the INSTAX product line is now ready to meet the needs of the new generation all the way to adults.I likes to take pictures.

INSTAX Pal is considered to be the first camera in the INSTAX family that focuses specifically on photography. By separating the printing function from the machine It has become a small camera that is smaller than the palm of your hand for greater portability and flexibility.

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Comes with a variety of functions To facilitate photography, for example, Standard mode allows you to easily take photos by simply pressing the shutter on the back of the device. Wide-angle lenses make it easy to take low-angle or low-angle shots that might be difficult with a smartphone camera. Using just one hand, you can capture the entire atmosphere around you. In addition, Remote mode connects the camera to your smartphone using Bluetooth via an app specifically for INSTAX Pal, allowing you check the captured images instantly via the smartphone app and in Interval Mode, there is also a continuous shooting timer every 3 seconds to capture good moments without interruption. INSTAX Pal also connects with printers in the INSTAX group Link via Bluetooth to print photos. You can also shoot from the camera as a movie. Fujifilm is ready to continue creating an instant system that allows everyone to have fun capturing good moments anywhere, anytime.

Come and have fun with 5 new colors that meet your unique style.

INSTAX Pal is available in 5 colours: Milky White, Powder Pink, Lavender Blue, Pistachio Green and Gem Black.

In addition, Fujifilm also introduces a new “Soft Lavender” mini film pattern with a soft pastel purple frame.

Make small moments memorable with INSTAX Pal, a new companion camera that’s tiny but mighty! Fujifilm would like to introduce 7 outstanding features of INSTAX Pal including:

A digital camera that goes with you anywhere: Ultra-small and weighing only 41 grams (width 42 mm, height 44 mm, and depth 43 mm), you can carry the INSTAX Pal in your backpack or even in your pocket. Help capture all your memories quickly and easily with Standard mode, which takes pictures with a single shutter button on the back. and with the camera’s wide angle lens This makes it possible to create unique angles that cannot be captured with normal smartphone cameras. Whether it’s from a high angle or any other angle, you can take pictures without interruption. Therefore, it is suitable for photography that requires a wide view or group photography that requires capturing many people in one frame. Provides a fun and unique photography experience.

Comes with a versatile ring. (Multi-Function Ring): The INSTAX Pal is easy to hold and won’t slip out of your hand. It also functions as a viewfinder that helps find the focus point and as a built-in tripod.

Supports shooting and printing in 3 formats: mini, SQUARE and WIDE: Users can choose the format for taking photos with the INSTAX Pal Take and print photos in 3 formats: Mini, Square, or Wide, and they can print according to the format that the InSTAX Link printer supports.

Automatically send images captured from the camera to compatible apps: When the camera is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth Photos taken by INSTAX Pal are automatically sent to the smartphone app. And those photos can be saved in INSTAX film frames, adding excitement because no one will see the photos they took until they view them in the app. Helps create fun surprises with friends while capturing unexpected moments very well.

Endless photography fun with smartphone apps: When connecting the INSTAX Pal camera to the smartphone app You can choose Remote mode which allows you to check the shots to be taken first, Interval mode which allows you to set the timer for taking 3 seconds photos on separately per shot, and a built-in speaker that will sound a signal before the shutter fires. You can also record your own voice as a shutter sound through the app. There is also an INSTAX Animation function for taking multiple photos and creating a video album. You can also scan a QR CODE to view the video on printed film. Let users have fun with friends and family. Or you can also share on social media.

Print film photos easily Directly with the INSTAX Link printer group: Photos from the INSTAX Pal camera can be printed immediately after connecting to the INSTAX Link printer series, as well as hybrid instant cameras such as “INSTAX mini Evo” and “INSTAX mini LiPlay” by sliding the mode on the bottom of the INSTAX Camera Pal from “F (FUN mode)” to “L (Link mode).” The camera will connect directly via Bluetooth to INSTAX Link devices without using the app. Photos taken with the INSTAX Pal in this way are automatically printed from the INSTAX Link printer, just like using an analogue instant camera.

Other interesting features: The camera has a built-in lithium-ion battery. About 240 photos can be taken per charge. Supports charging via the USB Type-C port (charging cable included with the camera) The camera can be set to save images locally instead of automatically transferring them to the app. and store up to 50 image files in the device’s memory In addition, by inserting a microSD card (sold separately), you can increase the memory capacity and store more images.

The INSTAX Pal camera comes with the slogan “Making Small Moments Feel Big”, which perfectly reflects the small but powerful nature of this camera.

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