Fujifilm Korea, WISH-FULL, JOY-FULL YEARS event to welcome the new year:: Bodnara

Fujifilm Electronic Imaging Korea (CEO Lim Hoon, hereafter referred to as Fujifilm Korea) announced on the 31st that it will hold WISH-FULL, JOY-FULL YEARS events to mark the new year of Lim In-Yeon.

This event, which will be held for a month from January 1, will be held at Particle and the second offline direct-managed store, Fujifilm Avenuel, located in Cheongdam-dong. Any on-site visitor can participate, and after receiving one coin per person, pulling out a capsule, and scratching the sticker with the Fujifilm Korea character Joy, you can check whether or not you have won. The first 4 people will receive 3rd generation AirPods, the second 20 people will receive a 60 series tiger chicken voucher, and all other participants will receive a Kellogg’s Cup cereal.

Particle and Fujifilm Avenuel are hands-on experience-type stores where you can touch and experience Fujifilm’s latest lineup. The store is running a program where you can try the GFX and X series bodies and lenses for free for 3 days and 2 nights. Available models include the GFX50S II & GF35-70mmF4.5-5.6 WR kit, 5 types of X-series bodies, and 26 types of XF lenses.

Meanwhile, Fujifilm Korea, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, created a brand character to strengthen communication with customers. Taking pictures is a hobby and has an outgoing and positive personality, and through a naming contest, the name JOY was given, which contains the meaning of joy and joy in photography. The Fujifilm Avenuel store is conducting an event in which three types of character notes are given out by taking a photo of the Joy sculpture provided on site and uploading it to SNS along with a hashtag.


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