Fukuhara Ai dating Yokohama man “physically and mentally exhausted”, the man Fang Zhenggong angrily reveals the contents of “Penguin’s Love Letter” | Entertainment | QUANTITY

Fukuhara Ai is married to a man from Yokohama, and now he has been sued by the ex-wife of the other party, and the contents of the love letter have even been revealed. (Photo/Photo taken from Fukuhara Ai Facebook)

The former queen of Japanese billiards, Ai Fukuhara, was photographed dating a tall and strong man in Yokohama during the divorce agreement, but the other party was also in the process of divorce. Therefore, this move also angered the man, Zheng Gong, and Zheng Gong recently sued Ai Fukuhara. , And he published the “Penguin Love Letter” written by Ai Fukuhara, the contents of which became key evidence of his infidelity.

The four love letters Fukuhara Ai wrote to each other all fell into Zheng Gong's hands.  (Newspaper photo/data photo)
The four love letters Fukuhara Ai wrote to each other all fell into Zheng Gong’s hands. (Newspaper photo/data photo)

According to the Japanese media “Weekly Bunchun”, Ai Fukuhara’s love letter to Yokohama men was full of her love. Penguin’s love letter said “When all kinds of people leave me, or go out Because of being curious and approach me, only you (junior) treat me equally and love me as always. I also said a few days ago, without you (junior), I would never be here today. Acting like a spoiled child “, “Although I am worried that it will cause a stir, I will still move forward positively. July is a month when physical and mental strength is seriously consumed, but let’s work hard together! I look forward to the day we meet again.”

The content of such a love letter made Masamiya unbearable. In addition, even though the Yokohama man and Masamiya separated, they continued to talk to Masamiya through the communication software. The couple once reconciled and lived with each other again. Discovering his 4 love letters, Zheng Gong called Ai Fukuhara once and asked, “Why does my husband know the address of your new home? Do you still have a connection?” At that time, Ai replied Fukuhara that “LINE sent the location information by mistake”, However, Zhenggong still questioned that “the location information will not even know the room number.”

Fukuhara Ai steals the Yokohama man and makes Masamiya unbearable.  (Newspaper photo/data photo)
Fukuhara Ai steals the Yokohama man and makes Masamiya unbearable. (Newspaper photo/data photo)

Zhenggong also asked about the “Penguin Love Letter”, so “What is the relationship between you and my husband?” Ai Fukuhara said that it was just the object of a work consultation, and Zhenggong asked the signed letter “Little Ai who likes your smile the most” What does it mean? , Ai Fukuhara replied, “I have a better relationship with my friends, so I use ‘like’ to express it”, but this made Masamiya unacceptable and they were separated from Yokohama again.

Yokohama’s ex-wife also filed a complaint on August 5 this year, claiming 3 million yen for “mental suffering caused by hot-tempered behavior” and 5 million yen for “mental suffering caused by divorce”, a total of 11 million yen in damages . The record of LINE’s conversation with her husband, as well as the contents of the “Penguin Love Letter” written by Ai Fukuhara to the Yokohama man, prove that Ai Fukuhara destroyed her marriage.

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