Full army of idol artists at Idol Exchange @ MBK Center

MBK Center Shopping Center in collaboration with Idol Exchange brings troops of idol artists to welcome Children’s Day on Saturday, January 8 – Sunday, January 9, 2022 in the theme of Idol in Wonderland. The atmosphere in the event is full of cuteness. bright of children many idol groups that brings happiness and complete satisfaction for both days and continues to reinforce the status of MBK Idol Center where idol groups, music labels and new artists will show up for the first time on the Idol Exchange stage. major musical phenomenon Corresponds to the title of the work that requires artists to share musical experiences. Gather a variety of artists from different labels and genres to deliver happiness on stage to fans and fans perfectly.

For the atmosphere on the first day, have fun with the hot couple, Bank Phon from Star Hunter Entertainment. who are currently working on air at this time, such as Gen Y The Series, teenagers, chaotic love, season 2, come together to serve off-screen fins for fans to revel in the cuteness of both of them without being able to hold all together In addition, they saw each other for the first time with the Debut Stage of 2 new idol groups, starting with girls who carry their cuteness and brightness to grab the hearts of fans such as PHYCHE (Psychedelic) and IRIZ again. Both on stage, releasing fun continuously with many idols and artists, such as artists from Khaosan Music label, Pop up girls, led by pearls, bringing songs to please the fans. To be completely satisfied, Euro youngsters who show their voice and secretly whisper, prepare to release new works for you to hear soon, the stage is on fire with the full fun of TRIPLE B ENTERTAINMENT, you can scream. Girls’ hearts are full of specialties that young artists from various bands bring to the show, such as B2House / NEO G / 4 Teen, ending the first day with the bright girls of WISDOM / WISDOM SISTER / THE GLASS GIRLS and CHEESY PIE.

On Sunday, there are also a variety of artists and idol groups to organize special shows to give happiness to the fans in a crowd, such as the boys Boy Band Top Vote, which the fans scream loudly. There is also a new record label that debuted on the Idol Exchange stage at MBK Center for the first time. Bringing an army of artists from almost the whole label to bring happiness and launching talented new artists such as Plengthaii Records, bringing more than 10 artists to showcase their work and a new single that everyone joins in singing the song entitled “Because ” and debuted new artists for the first time, including BABY MILD, PEPPER X, Pluszlepat and Darran. YOMA Entertainment. Bring an army of artists to come like a camp. Ready to update the upcoming works for fans to follow Both new songs that will be released soon, there are also series such as The Theory Series, Love Theory that fans will see in the middle of this year, and the Fooled Art series that is in the process. Preparing for filming, the Music Factor camp sends female singer Praew Klomphasorn to show her guitar solo for the first time on stage. with the most gentle voice lulling the fans

The highlight that the fans have been waiting for comes with a lighted sign. To encourage young Bas Suradet to show good songs, make fans happy, spread, and vote for young basketball players and BKC, Star Hunter Entertainment, to win KlNGDOL and Popular Vote awards.
In the Boy Band category for January, the Queendol award is My Miu, Wisdom, the Popular Vote award in the Girl Group category is Wisdom, which is honored by Khun Wisan Sipiyarak, Deputy Director of Rental Area Management and Tenant Relations. and Deputy Director of Marketing, MBK Public Company Limited, presented the award Throughout the event, there is a stage break. to clean wear a mask distance within the work under strictly preventing the spread of COVID-19 of the Ministry of Public Health

The hot young singer and actor Bas Suradet said, “Thank you Mae Kung (Sruda) for giving Bas the opportunity to get on the idol Exchange stage, and thank you to all the fans who supported, supported and voted. Let me be Kingdol as the first award of the year. Thank you very much to everyone who supported me from the first day until today. Anyway, let’s love each other like this for a long time. I will do my best. And thank you MBK for making such a good stage.”

A young girl with bright energy, beloved by My Miu fans, reveals her feelings that “My Miu is very happy. And thank you to everyone who supported us to win this award.” The Wisdom members said in a happy tone, “We at Wisdom are very grateful to our fans. who always support each other Support us very well. I’m very happy. Thank you Kung, P. Pom and all the management of MBK Center for supporting the area for us to show our talents and do activities with the fans soon. We Prepare to release a new single to be heard for sure. For those who want to see us Wisdom and many other artists, you can come and meet us at MBK Center at the Idol Exchange every first Saturday of the month.”

On the side of Ploy Praphaporn Prathumdee, Chairman of Executive Committee of Yoma Entertainment Co., Ltd., the executive of a new record label, Yoma Entertainment. Launched a record label and artist under the label for the first time at the Idol Exchange at MBK Center, said Yoma Entertainment. It has been established since last year. But this time marks the debut of a record label and artist for the first time. The first stage of the camp Has never been shown anywhere before, which Yoma Entertainment It is a Thai music label that is trained using Korean standards. The company has more than 7 years of experience working in a music label in Korea (Inter BD Entertainment) so we bring standards to develop the youngsters by preparing to release a single single and a trio band to follow. We also produce Y series. Please everyone follow the work of the children. For the Idol Exchange event at MBK Center is a very good stage, causing many bands and camps to work together. And thanks to the location of MBK Center that supports the use of free time for the benefit of Thai children. Support the music as well.”

Song Wittawat Ong Nok, the kind big brother of Plengthaii Records, brings together artists from the label to bring happiness, said, “Plengthaii Records has more new artists and today brings the youngsters to debut at the Idol Exchange MBK. Center for the first time, including BABY MILD, PEPPER X, Pluszlepat and Darran, as well as bringing the latest single that included 17 artists in the camp to sing in a song called Because, released since January 6, the trend is quite good. Today, I would like to thank Idol Exchange for giving me the opportunity to join in the fun. and hope to see each other again and again as well as thanks to MBK Center for opening a space for children who have dreams of becoming artists and youngsters with talents to show their talents to the audience. as well as giving opportunities to all the youngsters, whether they are Thai music labels and other music labels as well.”

The Idol Exchange event will be held every first Saturday of every month at the MBK Center, where fans can come and support the idols every month. The next time will be held on Saturday 5 to Sunday, February 6, 2022 in the theme Before Valentine Day at the Avenue Zone A, B with tickets for sale on Sunday, January 16, 2022 at the G floor, zone. A

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