Full of caramel! The digital lottery for this draw has 1 to 16 winners, giving 96 million luck.

digital lottery through the wallet app This draw, December 1, 2022, there are 16 first prize winners, giving 96 million baht in luck.

After the Government Lottery Office has already announced the prize for the draw on December 1, 2022, the 1st prize is number 375805, 3 page numbers are 170 786, the last 3 digits are 409 421 and the last 2 digits is 08.

Facebook latest, the Government Lottery Office revealed that the digital lottery for 1 December 2022, lottery number 1, number 375805, has a total of 16 first prize winners. The wallet app offers a rich fortune of 96 million baht.

However, winning the 1st prize through digital lottery this time is considered to have won the most prizes Since selling digital lottery tickets through the Pao Tang app

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