Fun Facts! How successful was Nevada, Florida vs NCAA Tournament contest?

Here are some Fun Facts going into NCAA's first round of Nevada against Florida on Thursday in Des Moines, Iowa.

Going against NCAA Tournament foes

The difference in schedule is the big difference between Nevada and Florida. Florida played the 18th most difficult schedule in the nation; Nevada was at 111. Florida played 16 Quad games 1 (going 4-12). Nevada 2 played Quad 1 game (going 1-1) t

But how did they fare against NCAA Tournament competition?

* Florida was 3-11 against NCAA Tournament teams. Florida Mississippi and LSU (twice) met. The Gators lost to Florida State, Oklahoma, Michigan State, Tennessee (twice), Mississippi State, Kentucky (twice), Auburn (twice) and LSU.

* Nevada was 2-1, turning Utah State and Arizona State and losing to Utah State.

Florida has a lot of experience during this season against high quality teams, although the Gators have lost these games to a large extent.

Speed ​​of play

Against, Florida ranked 346 in adjusted speed, meaning it was at the eighth-slowest speed in the nation. Nevada 88 was in speed, so the game wants to get moving up and down. The difference between the teams was basically seven holdings per game, which is enough. As you might expect a slow speed team, Florida elite was also protected, ranking 14 in KenPom's pre-metrics for protection. I believed that Nevada was better this season against first-stage teams than defensive teams – first because good Wolf defenses can be done, not as well as last season. (Cincinnati's Prevention of Nevada's elite did not keep in the NCAA Competition last year).

Nevada played six first KenPom defense team this season for 10 combined games: Akron, Arizona State, San Diego State (three times), Utah State (twice), Fresno State (twice) and Loyola Chicago. The Wolf Pack went 7-3 in these games. Outside of the victories over Chicago Loyola and the victory of the regular seasons series over SDSU, Nevada's share has struggled against these largely opposition.

A lucky matchup 7-10?

The Sweet 16 is the longest Nevada in the NCAA Competition, doing so in 2004 and 2018. In those two seasons, the Wolf Pack played in the 7-10 plain in the first round, serving as the 10 seed. in 2004 and the seven seeds last year. Nevada is in that series this year as seven seeds. Is that good karma? The storyteller likes the weather. The seven seeds were also given the best ever Nevada, and 5 seeds in 2006 were the best one.

Projected measure

I love this feature on which violates existing staff in a category of similar eras in previous years. I find it funny is the second closest to Nevada than the 2018 Nevada team. But it gives us a good insight into the real talent of staff entering the NCAA Competition. Of the nearest 10 of Nevada over the years, one went to the Elite 8 (2001 Arizona), three others to the Sweet 16, four others for Round 32 and two in the first round.

An eye on Florida valves shows that one of the nearest 10 to the Gators over the years, one to the Sweet 16, three to the Round of 32, five to Round 64 and one to Round 68.

Brings history to Nevada.

Is favored on Wolf Pack

Nevada opened as a 1.5-point subway but moved quickly to one favorite 2 points, so the stakeholders like the Wolf Pack. Nevada is in favor of every game this season. The total is 132.5 points, the lowest for Nevada game this season ('the previous minimum equals 140 against Akron). Nevada prefers three of its 14 previous games. Since 2000, Nevada has 6-6 against the scattered in NCAA Tournament games.

Nevada goes 'Confidential';

As I mentioned on Twitter yesterday, Nevada was one of seven teams selected by CBS and Turner Sports to embed a video team with the team. The other teams are Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, Houston, Marquette and Murray State. Production teams are embedded with the teams from Sunday Selected and will tour their NCAA Tournament tours. Last year, Nevada was also part of this series.


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