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Fun for sure! Leading 3 people in the first round of Thailand Golf for 10 million baht.

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Nattawat Suwajanakorn, Phurinat Songpaiboon and Sodom Kaewkanjana 3 young golfers score equal 6-under par 65 to join the 49th Thailand Open golf tournament to compete for the King Rama IX Cup, total prize money 10 million baht at Riverdale Golf Club, Pathum Thani Province on Thursday, October 28, 2021, with Wororn Suwanpanang, Phum Saksaensin, Phacharon Kongwatmai, Suradit Yongcharoenchai , Prom Meesawad and Saris Suwannarat scored a single stroke behind.

The Golf Association of Thailand, or NESDB, joins hands with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the National Sports Development Fund. Sports Authority of Thailand, Singha Corporation, Riverdale Course, Plan B Organize a professional golf tournament, collecting world rankings, All Thailand Golf Tour 2021, the 49th Thailand Open, competing for the Royal Cup. 9 with a total prize money of 10 million baht between 28-31 October at Riverdale Golf Club, Pathum Thani Province, distance 6,988 yards, par 71, the winner will receive a prize money of 1.5 million baht and world ranking 5 score

First round game on Thursday October 28, 2021. It’s fun to win and there are three golfers leading the way. The total score is equal to 6 under par 65 from the work of “Pro Jean” Nattawat Suwajanakorn, a 26-year-old golfer from Samut Sakhon, Phurinat Songpaiboon and Sodom Kaewkanjana, all three collecting 6 birdies without Losing bogey by Nattawat, who has competed in the Thailand Open for the past 5 times and has qualified for every round, said: “This round made 14 greens, hits the iron well and serves well, so there is a chance to do it, especially 2 numbers. The first dy that came early made the game flow smoothly. and try to put the shot into the green in a safe position.”

On the side, Sodom Kaewkanjana, a young swinger from Narathiwat last week, won the runner-up from the Singha Pattaya Open, making 6 under par 65 from 6 birdies without losing bogeys as well. Started at Hole 10, got a single birdie from the first 9 holes at Hole 12, a 10-foot putt in the latter lap made 5 more birdies at Holes 1,3,4,6 and 7, especially putting on while Sodom swings. The 23-year-old, owner of two champions of playing during the Phuket Sandbox Swing, said he was “satisfied with the performance in this round. Because the goal is to score for the underfield every day. By trying to focus on hitting the fairway. and on as much as possible Today’s putt is good too. Just used to play here But have the opportunity to practice more familiar with the field Coupled with this round putt well. Even though I set a goal for only 3 unders per day, I made 6, it was considered to exceed my own goal

Phurinat, a 27-year-old pro from Bangkok, has competed in this tournament for the third time and has never made it to the finals. Started this round at hole 10, took four birdies, especially at hole 15, where the putt was 40 feet away, before collecting two birdies in the last nine holes, said after the game that “The field is in perfect condition. good shot today It gives an opportunity to hit the green easily. Plus it’s a good putt. I want to maintain a good shot like this. Then let’s go win on the green.”

4th place joins Worasorn Suwanpanang, Phum Saksaensilp, Phachara Kongwatmai, Suradit Yongcharoenchai, Phrom Meesawad and Saris Suwannarat who all scored equally at 5 under par 66 while Numchok Tantiphokakul, Satya Sap-appramai, Kittiporn Chavanaphong, Atthaphon Sribunkaew and Thayan Limpiphonpaibul ranked 10th with a total score of 4 under 68.

Golf fans can follow the results of the tournament via https://www.allthailangolftour.com Including live broadcasts on the last two days from 11:00 am onwards until the end of the competition on the website, Facebook and YouTube of the All Thailand Golf Tour and on the True Sport HD 3 channel.

(-6) 65 Nattawat Suwajanakorn 31-34, Sodom Kaewkanjana 31-34, Purinat Songphaiboon 34-31
(-5) 66 Worasorn Suwanpanang 35-31, Phum Saksaensilp 34-32, Phachara Kongwatmai 35-31, Suradit Yongcharoenchai 32-34, Phrom Mesawat 35-31, Sa Rit Suwannarat 33-33
(-4) 67 Namchok Tantiphokakul 33-34, Sataya Sap-appramai 34-33, Kittiporn Chawanaphong 32-35, Atthaphon Sribunkaew 35-32
(-3) 68 Matt Killen (England) 36-32, Chaiyapat Koonmak 32-36, Phum Phataropong 33-35, Thanpisit Omsin 35-33, Waranyu Rattanapaiboonkit 35-33, Thayan Limpiphonpaiboon 32-36, Paramin Inraksa (Amateur) 34-34

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