Funding Societies, the largest and largest digital capital platform in Southeast Asia.

February 9, 2021


To help promote SMEs and startups in Thailand Through raising funds from both individual and institutional investors

Funding Societies Digital finance platform for SMEs Largest in Southeast Asia Was officially launched in Thailand After being licensed to provide crowdfunding system or fundraising platform by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on February 2, 2021 with the objective of To help promote business SMEs And startups in Thailand Through funding from both individual and institutional investors, which Funding Societies Was founded on the belief that business SMEs The company has the potential to have equal financial opportunities. The Company is therefore determined to offer new and attractive investment channels to investors. To provide opportunities for entrepreneurs SMEs Able to access even more funding sources

Although Thailand has SMEs entrepreneurs More than 3 million, but more than half are struggling with a lack of access to capital. Especially short-term working capital. As stated in the information of the international finance company (International Finance Corporation: IFC) Traditional financial institutions often focus only on providing long-term funds with collateral. As a result, it creates a financial gap for businesses. SMEs More than 40 billion dollars This capital shortage is even more dire. During the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This is because financial institutions try to lower their lending rates to reduce the corporate risk.

“SMEs business Is proportional to the gross product (GDP) In Thailand, more than 40% of them face many problems in accessing funding from traditional financial institutions. Due to lack of securities to guarantee Including difficult document filing requirements And the approval process takes a long time, ”said Mr. Warun Bhandari, President Funding Societies Thailand says “by using advanced technology Funding Societies It can offer new ways to raise funds that are quick, convenient and not too expensive. At the same time, Thai investors have the opportunity to diversify their investments in various ways. Ready to receive consistent and higher return on investment compared to other debentures It also supports local businesses and brands at the same time. “

Funding Societies Offers a wide variety of unsecured financing. To help business SMEs Since the business expansion Working capital And funding to support the project in advance With our proprietary technology SMEs You can easily fill out online application details. Just submit the basic documents And waiting for approval as soon as possible within 3 days only Funding Societies Also cooperated with regional partners Whether it is a company E-commerce Leading companies such as Loop And company Zilingo Including leading banks like banks CIMB To jointly provide business capital services SMEs In their ecosystem as well

Soon Thai investors will be able to start investing through the Funding Societies funding platform. In various types of bonds easily at your fingertips. The new bond will help investors to diversify. And have an opportunity to clearly increase returns With the ability to manage the risk of Funding Societies The company can limit the default rate to less than 2% of the total funds that we provide. SMEs Even in a critical period of the COVID-19 epidemic Funding Societies Ready to lead a powerful fundraising platform. To help strengthen SMEs Thailand and bring new investment experiences to investors. Under license and supervision of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand (SEC)



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