Funding Underway for ‘Sakunahime Official Artworks’ Art Book Publication by Arc System Works

Title: Funding Underway for the Official Art Book Publication of ‘Sakunahime of Tensui’

Subtitle: Video Publishing Media Presents Crowdfunding Campaign for ‘Sakunahime Official Artworks’

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Video Publishing Media, a prominent publisher in the gaming industry, is currently raising funds for the release of the official art book, ‘Sakunahime Official Artworks’, through the popular crowdfunding platform Tumblbug. This eagerly awaited publication will offer fans an extensive collection of in-game characters, backgrounds, prop designs, and various official illustrations from ‘Sakunahime of the Ten Thousand Beasts’. Additionally, supporters will gain access to exclusive content such as production staff comments, plans, and storyboards. With its remarkable artistry, this game has garnered high praise from users, making the art book a highly anticipated release. In fact, due to popular demand, Arc System Works, the game’s developer, decided to reproduce the limited edition console package, which included an illustration booklet for ‘Sakunahime of the Ten Thousand Beasts’, in Korea.

The funding campaign aims to provide fans with a translated and localized version of the Japanese art book that was released in 2021. Interested supporters have until October 31 to contribute, and the expected delivery date for the art book is November 30.

About ‘Sakunahime of Tensui’

‘Sakunahime of Tensui’ is an innovative blend of a farming simulator and a platformer action game. Players are tasked with cultivating rice through an annual farming cycle. This unique adaptation of traditional farming techniques has generated widespread acclaim and become a viral sensation through positive word-of-mouth. The game’s action mechanics, including precise hits, smooth controls, and fast-paced movements, have transcended the fundamentals of a typical platformer game. Remarkably, this indie game has surpassed expectations by selling over 1 million copies—a noteworthy achievement for a smaller game company.

Video Publishing Media Expands its Game-related Book Projects

In addition to the ‘Sakunahime Official Artworks’, Video Publishing Media has announced its commitment to present various game-related books to avid gamers. Upcoming releases include the ‘Elden Ring Official Art Book’ and a collection of ‘Monster Hunter’ related books, showcasing the publisher’s dedication to delivering captivating content to their audience.


With the funding campaign underway, fans of ‘Sakunahime of Tensui’ eagerly anticipate the release of the official art book, ‘Sakunahime Official Artworks’. This breathtaking compilation of in-game art and behind-the-scenes insights is expected to delight and captivate fans. Furthermore, Video Publishing Media’s commitment to gaming-related publications highlights their dedication to serving the gaming community with exceptional content.

Funding for the official art book publication of ‘Sakunahime of Tensui’ published by Arc System Works has been ongoing since September 18 via Tumblbug.

Source = Video Publishing Media

Publisher Video Publishing Media is in the process of funding ‘Sakunahime Official Artworks’ through the crowdfunding site Tumblbug. Fans who buy the book through this money can receive a book containing in-game characters, backgrounds, prop designs, and various official illustrations from the game ‘Sakunahime of the Ten Thousand Beasts’. In addition, you can also look at different plans, storyboards, and comments from the production staff. Since it is a game that has been highly evaluated by users for its art, it is likely to be looked forward to by many patrons. In fact, the limited edition console package that included an illustration booklet for ‘Sakunahime of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ had many requests for reproduction in Korea, so Arc System Works accepted it.

Source = Video Publishing Media

It is known that the artwork presented to fans through this funding is a translated and localized book of the same name released in Japan in 2021. According to the publisher, this funding will run until October 31, and the expected delivery date is November 30.

The game ‘Sakunahime of Tensui’ is a mix of a farming simulator and a platformer action game. Users have to grow rice by farming every year, and the process was evaluated as a very good adaptation of the classic farming method and went viral by word of mouth. It is also assessed that the action has exceeded the basics of a platformer game, including a sense of hitting, smooth operation, and fast movement. As a result, it sold more than 1 million copies, which is unusual for a small game company.

Meanwhile, the publisher Video Publishing Media reported that it is carrying out a project to present various game-related books, such as ‘Elden Ring Official Art Book’ and ‘Monster Hunter’ related books.

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