Funeral tomorrow for ‘Elizabeth II’… Leaders ‘strengthening borders’ arrive one after the other

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The funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth II of England will be held tomorrow night in our time as the coat of arms of Britain.

Presidents of different countries, including US President Joe Biden, arrived in London one after the other.

Reporter Cho Myung-ah.

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A day before the funeral, the boundaries were further strengthened in Westminster Hall, where the queen’s body had been incorporated.

In the event of any unexpected danger, bomb-detection dogs began, and snipers were also placed in nearby buildings.

Traffic management has also started, including boarding restrictions at Buckingham Palace tube station, where the Queen will pass last, and a security fence installed on a 36 kilometer section.


“It is a security measure to prevent the Queen’s funeral from going ahead…”

The presidents of the United States, Joe Biden, and other heads of state also arrived in London one after the other.

Emperor Naruhito and his wife also chose the UK as their first overseas destination after ascending to the throne, and China sent Vice President Wang Qishan, ‘8th in rank’.

The funeral to be held here at Westminster Abbey is expected to be attended by President Yoon Seok-yeol and other heads of state, the royal family and more than 500 dignitaries.

The Queen’s funeral starts tomorrow at 11 this morning.

While Big Ben, the symbol of England, rings, the Queen’s coffin is loaded into a wagon and bids farewell to the city of London, where she dies next to her husband Prince Philip in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle .

King Charles III and Prince William personally visited the long line of mourners to express their gratitude, and Queen Camilla paid tribute to the queen as “a singular woman who established a role in a man’s world.”

This is Cho Myung-ah from MBC News from London.

Video coverage: Lee Yoo-kyung (London) / Video editing: Jo Ara

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