Funny! Phra That Sadet Koh Ong “Luang Pu Du” until it turns pink Tourists flock to see it as a blessing.

Funny! Phra That Sadet Ko Ong, “Luang Pu Du”, Wat Phra That Pha Sorn Kaew, Phetchabun Province, until the whole body is pink. Tourists flock to admire

On January 21, 2023, the reporter was informed that a Facebook user posted a picture of a handsome Luang Pu Du with small objects. The pink island is almost full. Ready to write that message “It is a blessing to admire the great Bodhisattva. Phra Bod Phrathat Luang Pu Du Phrom Panyo, Temple of 5 Buddhas (Reclining Buddha Floor), Wat Phra That Pha Sorn Kaew, Phetchabun Province.

It seems that almost 5,000 people have come to comment, most of them typing the message “Bow Sathu” and sharing it almost 2,000 times. at the statue of Luang Pu Du where the relics had come to stay It is a handsome brown statue with a lap size of about 3 inches, enclosed in glass. Located on the back of a golden elephant statue inside the 5 Buddha temple.

Mr. Saran Chantarakid Vaiyawatakorn, Wat Phra That Phasornkaew He revealed that the statue of Luang Pu Du was many years ago. His relatives brought him to Phra Ajarn Paramee. The abbot of Wat Phra Bod Phasornkaew that Luang Pho has kept within the cloister Later, about 4-5 years ago, there was a pink relic that came to stay with Luang Pu Du. At first it was only a small amount, later increasing in size. In his own thoughts, it is believed that as Phra Ajahn Paramee is a serious practice and prays regularly, and he believes that if the people pray to the prayers of the relics, they could come to stay in The auspicious object of that person has it possible.

Later, when the temple of the 5 Buddhas was completed The Venerable Phra Arjarn Paramee was therefore incorporated in the temple for Buddhists and believers to worship.

Mr revealed Saran Chantharakid that for those who would come to worship can come every day and ask those who come to pay respect to dress modestly to honor the place Including being quiet and most important all, have to relax. Purify your heart Leaving evil to purify one’s mind will help those who worship to attain true happiness.

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