Funny ‘Sorrayut’ netizens welcome ‘Pitha’ with a song by the most common band Sôn am Raa ‘Goosebumps – listen to it and be excited’ (clip)

Netizens are funny, ‘Sorayuth’ welcomes ‘Pitha’ with a song from the more common band ‘We are friends’ often said, ‘Goosebumps – listen to it and be excited’, half a million views (clip)

of the case Sorayut Suthasanajinda bring music we are friends oh ordinary people Come and open the prelude to receive special guest Pita Limcharoenrat far-reaching party leader In the morning’s story

Read: Scream, Sorayuth overtures ‘We are friends’ receives ‘Pita’, netizens tease the owner of the song, what do you say?

This incident has received a response from netizens by posting a clip of the song in the aforementioned intro. Along with writing a message stating that “The song of the band of common people @CommonerThai opened in the list # morning story Although it is short I don’t know how you smile.”

and that “210,000 people watch on YouTube and over 300,000 people on Facebook, the highest number in the news programme”

Although many netizens have made wide comments by saying that they get goosebumps Hear it and be active Some wonder what color Sorrayut is, etc.


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