Furious! Keane-Carragher arguing fiercely after Ronaldo was out of the realm (with clip)

Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher reacted furiously after Cristiano Ronaldo was a substitute in Manchester United’s draw with Chelsea, prompting Gary Neville to turn up. laughing while watching at home

Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher are in a heated debate over Cristiano Ronaldo’s need to start as a substitute for Manchester United’s Premier League matchup. The “Red Devils” drew 1-1 with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, November 28.

Manchester United manager Michael Carrick surprised many before the start of the match by omitting Ronaldo as the starting line-up despite being considered the most famous player and Is the main hope of scoring goals for the team In the past, some gurus have blamed Ronaldo for not helping the defensive game as much as it should, causing the team to have a bad result.

Keane, Carragher and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink served as analysts for Sky Sports. At the end of the game, Keane expressed his displeasure that Ronaldo was dropped, saying: “Ronaldo didn’t come here to play on the bench, Ronaldo didn’t come back. Come with the team to be a backup He already knew that the referee was about to blow the end of the match, so why was Carrick trying to shake hands with him? I don’t understand at all Let him walk into the tunnel.”

“It’s not wrong for a player to get frustrated, but Ronaldo didn’t come back to the team as a substitute. He’s a world-class player. Of course, Ronaldo isn’t the type of player to go after the locals. But sometimes you have to work with superstar players at the core. I myself used to play with players who sometimes didn’t do the things you had hoped for. Those who fall into the (Eric) Cantona level of the world, but in the end you’ll forgive people like that. (from not helping to push the opponent) because they will score goals and win you. He should be able to play. (Be real) in this game.”

Carragher immediately argued: “I think I can understand why Carrick didn’t start with him playing big games like this as an away team. He’s old. 36 years on, Ronaldo isn’t the same player he was in the past. Of course, he can also help Manchester United in terms of goals. But I think that he wasn’t always real. Or being substituted sometimes shouldn’t be a big deal.”

Hearing that, Keane said: “It’s not that he starts every game, Jamie, but this is a big game for Manchester United. I’ll forgive if it happens in the semi-finals. Champions League group as United qualified But if you happen to run into Ronaldo in the parking lot It just means that you meet people who have won everything, who come back to United to try to help the club. Of course he wants to play. (Be real) in a game like this already. It’s clear that he really wants to play.”

The Carragher garden immediately said. “Aren’t all players like that? Roy, all players want to play every game, don’t they?” Keane replied. “But it’s not that all of the people in that group are world-class players, Jamie, it’s not that everyone in that group is a player who has made 800 appearances.”

“If you watch today’s Manchester United game you will see that they are playing bad, they are not playing well. And it will make you think that if Ronaldo was on the pitch, if the ball should have landed at anyone’s feet in football then it would be. It has to be Ronaldo, even though he’s 36 years old. It wasn’t that he came back a bit blind. There is also an issue that people like to say. -He can’t run as fast as he used to, he looks worn out, he doesn’t seem to care anymore- even though he’s actually serious and seems very interested in helping the team. But then it came up with this kind of mentality that led him to blame for not pursuing pressure in the opponent’s territory.”

After Keane said that, Carragher asked, “But he’s not really pressured, has he?”, which prompted Keane to argue: “He hasn’t been pushing his opponents for five or six years. And I’ve been told since when he came back that he won’t be able to solve United’s problems for sure, but that you shouldn’t bring Ronaldo back to Manchester United to make him his character. Reserve Of course, it wasn’t that he was supposed to start every match. But this is a visit to Chelsea, there will be a chance for the team to use a quick counter-attack. And you may take the ball into the penalty area once or twice.”

Afterward, Carragher tried to change the matter by saying: “Why did Manchester United buy Ronaldo in the summer? They brought him to the club out of fear that he would move to Manchester City, they originally had no plans to sign him.”

It was then that Keane interjected: “But he should always be playing, Jamie, are you saying they signed him to keep him from going to City and then pick him up on the bench?

Hearing that, Carragher asked: ‘This man, the manager of Manchester United, isn’t allowed to take Cristiano Ronaldo as a substitute? They come here and the people who go in and play score goals.” “The statistics that come out show it. His stats since his return to Manchester United are in a good range.”

Carragher replied: “If you’re just looking at scoring goals, you’ve got to say yes. Of course he’s doing well!” But Keane didn’t give up until he said. “So what is important in football? How to score a goal! If you talk about Salah, you say the most important thing is the number of goals, Jamie! So what could Ian Rush do? How did he score so many goals?”

When Carragher asked, “And did he (Rush) put pressure on the opponent as well?” and then Keane said, “He did that. But he can’t score as much as Ronaldo!” which prompted Carragher to say: “I’m not going to blame Ronaldo as a player, he’s a great guy in terms of scoring goals. But in the middle of this week I’ve said the same thing in the case of Lionel Messi.”

“Paris Saint-Germain signed Messi and United brought Ronaldo to the club, without a doubt they are two of the greatest players of all time, but now Manchester United are close to joining. Is it more league champions than last season? The answer is no, are PSG any closer to winning the Champions League with Messi in the squad? The answer is no as well, we’re just talking about goalscorers or whatever position. But what really matters is that this is a team game.”

Throughout the argument between the pair, center-seat Halselbaink laughed a little, while Gary Neville, another famous ex-footballer who works for Sky Sports, posted a clip. When I sat and watched the Carragher and Keane debate on Twitter with a laugh.

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