Furious !! “Perth Thanapon” reported that a hacker swooped on IG Take a direct trip to see the reserve.

Furious !! “Perth Thanapon” reported that a hacker swooped on IG Travel to the direct, ask to see the reserve, saying, don’t let me see you, you’ll hit it!

“Perth Thanapon Sukhumphanthanasarn”, a famous teenage actor who previously posted a message via Twitter, warning fans and acquaintances that their IG has been hacked. and is about to go to report after being hacked by someone who doesn’t wish well along with being used to greet anyone in an inappropriate way

Most recently, on 24 Jan. 65, I met “Perth Thanapon Sukhumphanthanasarn” At Infinity Hall, 5th floor, Paragon Cineplex At the premiere launch event movie “Tell the world that I love you, Tell The World I Love You.” Therefore, he asked the progress of the Instagram case being hacked and how far the case proceeded.

IG hacked?
“Someone lurks in without our knowledge. Then when you go to say hi to someone, they will delete the message. which we do not see at all He’s been in since November. and then send messages to people in the industry or people outside the industry It’s a rather inappropriate 18+ message.”

Well, he’s been here for a long time?

“Yeah, I don’t know. I didn’t even have a double lock.”

Who knows why?
“Someone told me.”

so report Did you find yourself then?
“I’m currently searching. But it’s a rather difficult process. because he secretly changed the IP to live in Japan, which is actually in Nakhon Ratchasima, Korat.”

Do you want to follow me?
“I want to see your face. I want to see you. The fact that he uses other people’s faces to talk with inappropriate messages. And I don’t know if it’s called a lack of warmth or not. Use our faces to talk like this.”

Did he succeed? For example, is there a money transfer?
“There was a message to ask to see the secret item. He was very good. He hacked into the email. Then go look at the old Facebook that I haven’t used since high school. and drag people from my IG so that I can’t see and then discuss it on Facebook.”

How badly was the victim damaged?
“The damage has not yet been found. I’ve only come to see the secret stuff.”

Friends help spread the news?
“Yes, very cute.”

After this, how to take care of our account?
“Now it’s locked in two layers and it’s more secure.”

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