Furious! “Tank” continues to beat “Lasiri” defending the belt for the 4th time, “Christian” takes two world championships.

“Tank Jitmuangnon” world champion, the favorite of the Thai people showed strength beyond resistance With a unanimous vote for “Joseph Lasiri”, a challenger for the rank of ONE Muay Thai World Championship Strawweight (125 lbs.) in the battle of ONE Fight Night 4: Kiamrian vs Christian Saturday morning on 19 November 2022 at Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore

The punching game “Tank” is the one that moves forward, launching the offensive game from the first round. There are left and right punches, while Joseph focuses on defense, retreating around the stage. Until the end of the game at the end of the 4th round and the 5th round, tanks made 2 punch calls for a count of 8.

Totally pick up “Tanks” to win in a decisive way. Defended the UN Muay Thai Flyweight World Championship Belt (135 Por.) for the 4th time and maintained an unbeaten record in Muay Thai and kickboxing throughout the last 12 fights in UN.
The main event of the program is a meeting between Kiamrian Abbasov, the UN Welterweight World Champion (185 lbs.) and UN Lightweight World Champion Christian Lee (170 lbs.) who aims to win two championships

In which this pair agreed to fight in specific coordinates of 186.25 Por because Kiamrian did not pass the weight Thus losing the world championship on the scales, making Christian Lee the only person eligible for the belt in this competition if he is defeated, but if Christian does not win, the welterweight champion will be “vacant” according to the rules.

In the first round of the match, Kiamrian had the opportunity to punch Christian Lee until he fell before placing a large set of weapons, but Christian was still determined to survive the crisis in the first round. Round two and round three, Christian speeds up the game to improve. until the blood was drawn from Kiam Rien, no less
zAt the end of the fourth round, the fighter of Singaporean-American nationality He hits hard on the former champion whose strength is clearly lower. Until the final referee had to lose by TKO at 4:22 minutes of the 4th round, resulting in Christian Lee becoming the two-division world champion with a bonus of $50,000 (almost 1.8 million baht today).

Summary of all pairs

a couple on the list
– Christian Lee defeats Kiamrian Abbasov at 4:20 minutes of round four (UN World Championship Welterweight 185c)
– Tank Jitmuangnon Defeated by unanimous decision Joseph Lasiri (UN 135-p Flyweight Muay Thai World Championship)
– Stefan Loman defeats Bibiano Fernandes by unanimous decision (MMA catchweight 153.25 b.)
– Cosmo Alexandre defeated Juan Cervantes by Knockout at 1:23 minutes of round two (Muay Thai welterweight 185 lbs.)
– Kim Jae Woong defeats Kevin Belingon by TKO at 2:33 minutes of round one (145c MMA Bantamweight)

a pair of imported items
– Jonathan Haggerty defeats Vladimir Kuzmin by majority vote (Thai boxing catchweight 148 lbs.)
– Ruslan Emibek Ulu defeat by unanimous decision Isi Fitikefu (MMA Welterweight 185P)
Daniel Kelly defeats Maria Molchanova via submission at 2:15 minutes of round one (wetweight wrestling)
– Liam Nolan defeats Eddie Aboloso by unanimous decision (170lb lightweight Muay Thai)

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