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“Fury World” of “Super Mario 3D World + Fury World” has evolved further as “3D Mario” and it is amazing! Explaining the part that goes further than “Odyssey”

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In “Super Mario 3D World + Fury World” released on February 12, 2021, “Fury World” has been added as a new element that allows you to freely explore the world of the miniature garden.

The original feature of “Super Mario 3D World” is that it is “3D but easy to play like 2D”, but “Fury World” is similar to “Super Mario Odyssey”. Moreover, there are only new works, and they have evolved in various ways as “3D Mario”!

In addition, there is also an article that summarizes how it evolved from “Super Mario 64” to “Super Mario Odyssey”, so please also refer to this.

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After playing “Mario 64” in “Super Mario 3D Collection”, I realized the greatness of “Odyssey” again.

Since it is based on “3D World”, it is not a life system!

Many 3D Mario will be killed when Mario’s life runs out“Life system”was. In the first place, if you take a super mushroom, you will be able to take damage once … The system was suitable for 2D Mario, so the life system makes more sense for more difficult 3D.

However, “Fury World” is based on “3D World”, so it is not a life system.“Power-up item system”became. Like 2D Mario, if you take damage, Mario will become smaller, and if you take a super mushroom, you will have another chance.

With the life system, Mario’s changes tend to be scarce (or even if it changes, the situation tends to be quite limited), but with the power-up item system, you can fight with your favorite Mario whenever you want. In fact, “Fury World” has become a fresh play where players can use their favorite power-ups such as Fire Mario and Boomerang Mario according to the situation.

It’s closer to an open world!

For example, in “Super Mario 64”, when Mario entered the painting, there was a wide box garden stage. However, “Fury World” is a world where everything is connected,The system is close to the so-called open world.

Actually, as the game progresses, the area gradually opens up, and the world itself is not extremely large, so it is hard to say that it is an open world (depending on the definition), but it is still a conventional box garden. I feel the consciousness to change the world.

However, 3D Mario is more fun to be able to explore multiple worlds where the scenery changes drastically, so it is a delicate point whether an open world is the best. This is probably because it is a small world called “Fury World”.

Deployment changes due to the invasion of Fury Bowser

When you get close to an open world, you tend to get similar views everywhere. Even in “Fury World”, we are trying to make changes such as ice scaffolding, magma, and invisible walls, but it does not change dramatically.

That’s where the fury bowser is important.When Fury Bowser wakes up, it rains and darkens, and if the scenery changes, the flames must be avoided and the play policy changes.It’s perfect for a world that tends to be monotonous.

If there’s a problem, the fury bowser feels a little annoying. There are items that can be used for Fury Bowser, and it is not difficult to catch up in the early stages, but it must break the tempo of each player. This system will be more fun as it progresses further.

There is no concept of fall death!

As mentioned above, 3D Mario is a life system, so it is relatively rare that you will be hit by an enemy many times, but rather there are more cases where you will be hit by a mistake such as jumping.

Originally, 3D actions have more elements and are more complicated than 2D actions, and it is difficult to determine the landing point. Therefore, in “Super Mario Odyssey”, my partner “Cappy” was used as a guide for the jump landing point.

“Fury World” is all set on land and on the water, soThe concept of “falling into a hole and making a mistake” has been abolished.Of course, there is no concept of a remaining machine, and even if it is done, coins will only decrease. This makes 3D Mario even easier to play.

Plessy comes out in a good place

When it comes to open worlds, it’s hard to move, but “Fury World” solves it well with Plessy.

There are many points where Plessy appears when you are adventuring in the world, and when you go around thatIt’s very convenient because Plessy just shows up.Moreover, it does not destroy the atmosphere of Mario’s world.

Necomario is amazingly excellent

You will be amazed at the excellence of Necomario in “Fury World”. One of the features of Necomario is that you can attack with your claws in front of you.It’s possible to climb a wall, but with 3D action this is a terrible strength.

In normal 3D Mario, you have to steadily cross the scaffolding to get items in high places. However, if it is Necomario, it is OK if you climb as it is.

ThenIt’s not that easy and boring, but what’s really interesting is that it’s amazing.It’s certainly different from the fun of scaffolding, but it’s still fun to use the mobility of Necomario to collect cat shines, and it’s a decent chewy place, such as installing a rat guard where you need it. It is well tuned to be.

Also, the cat Mario can float a little in the air with an attack, or can be stopped by a claw on the wall for a while. The operation of 3D Mario itself is quite difficult, but thanks to these specifications, it has also been eased, making it a 3D action that is easier for more people to enjoy than “Super Mario Odyssey”. No, I was really surprised that Neko Mario was amazing.

My partner Bowser Jr. has also evolved considerably!

In “Fury World”, Bowser Jr. will appear as a partner. Two-player play is also possible and can be operated at that time, but this is alsoVery good companionIt is.

Bowser Jr. will only flinch a little (no damage) when attacked, and can be attacked at will using a magic brush. Defeating Zako enemies and chasing Fury Shadows are also useful. As a bonus, it’s always floating, so even people who aren’t used to playing games can enjoy it.

Cappy of “Super Mario Odyssey” was also an excellent companion in two-player play, but Bowser Jr., who can move more independently, may be more fun to operate. This area has evolved even further, hasn’t it?

What about the next 3D Mario?

3D Mario continues to evolve, and “Super Mario Odyssey” has become a well-thought-out work, but “Fury World” brings a new experience from there.

If this happens, expectations will grow for the next completely new 3D Mario game. What kind of evolution will the next Mario show?


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