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FutureChem Announces Preclinical Results of Prostate Cancer Treatment ‘FC705’

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[뉴스토마토 동지훈 기자] Futurechem (220100) announced on the 21st that it has published the preclinical test results of ‘FC705’, a radiopharmaceutical for the treatment of prostate cancer, in the ‘Journal of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics’.

FC705, which is being developed by Futurechem, is a Lu-177-labeled target prostate cancer treatment candidate.

Futurechem published a thesis jointly with the Korea Institute of Nuclear Medicine. The Journal of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics is an international journal published by the American Cancer Society (AACR).

According to the paper, as a result of measuring tumor intake by time period and tumor/kidney ratio, it showed high cancer target selectivity even with a smaller dose than existing global pharmaceutical companies’ radiopharmaceuticals for treating prostate cancer. FutureChem explained that by introducing an albumin binder that can bind to albumin, a protein contained in a large amount in the blood, into the treatment, it greatly increased the residence time in the blood, and showed a high therapeutic effect even with a small amount of drug administration.

FC705 is a compound that targets and binds PSMA (Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen), a protein specifically expressed in prostate cancer cells. This can compensate for the pain caused by patient pain or drug resistance following general hormone therapy or chemotherapy, and can be treated for castration-resistant metastatic prostate cancer patients who do not respond to hormone therapy.

An official from Futurechem said, “For radioactive isotope ligand therapy, it is essential to select a patient and determine the therapeutic effect during actual clinical trials.” “We expect to provide the best solution that improves the convenience and efficiency of patient treatment by finding and treating cancer patients,” he said.

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Meanwhile, the first phase 1 clinical trial for FC705 was conducted in Korea in November, and is expected to be completed within this year. Future Chem plans to complete a contract with a CRO in the US and apply for a phase 1/2a clinical trial within this year.

By Dong Ji-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]

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