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Futures Market: Upgraded to Respond to Covid Vaccine Progress through Power of President Saharat | RYT9

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Mr. Charan Vet Saksri, Director of Investment Advisory, Classic Ausiris Futures Company Limited, said that today’s trading of SET50 Index Futures has risen from positive foreign factors. A number of companies have announced the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine and the smooth transition from President Donald Trump to President Joe Biden. Including the appointment of Mrs. Janet Yellen, former Federal Reserve Governor. (Fed) is the Secretary of the United States. While the European market opened positive

While foreign investors have been buying for 2 weeks in a row, this can be seen from the increase in big cap stocks in the energy bank, petrochemical sector and still have a positive sentiment. As for the political factors of our home At the gathering this afternoon Saw that it did not have much negative impact, with the past political rallies there was no violence

The market trend of tomorrow still has a positive opportunity. Suggest the strategy on the long side, giving the key support at 890 points and resistance at 940 points.

As for the price of gold dropped. It comes from foreign factors including the progress of the vaccine production against COVID-19. And the transition of power The US president was smooth. In addition, SPDR funds in November continued to sell out. It has sold out almost 60 tons after buying it. During the COVID outbreak And technically it’s not good After falling $ 1,860 / oz, the trend is likely to weaken Suggest to stay on the short side at $ 1,850 / oz, support at $ 1,790 / oz.

The SET50 Index closed today at 924.42 points, up 11.57 points, + 1.27%.

                                   ปริมาณ           สถานะคงค้าง
Total Market                      820,634          2,402,452
Total Futures                     809,121          2,305,338
SET50 Index                       449,416            359,124
Sector Index                         -                  -
Single Stock                      310,637          1,826,372
Precious Metal                     44,140             63,964
- GF10                              9,227             23,611
- GF50                                560              1,428
- Gold Online                      34,113             38,412
- Silver Online                       240                513
Deferred Precious Metal                 -                  1
- GOLD-D                                -                  1
Currency                            4,928             55,565
Interest Rate                        -                     -
Agriculture                          -                   312
- RSS3D                              -                   312
- RSS3                               -                    -
Total Options                      11,513             97,114
Call                                5,817             35,378
Put                                 5,696             61,736

                             นักลงทุนสถาบัน         นักลงทุนต่างชาติ           นักลงทุนภายในประเทศ
Futures                        -31,853               -9,207                 +41,060
Options                            -12                 +154                    -142


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