FWD Life Insurance launches “Shop for insurance, return with iFWD” campaign

FWD life insurance continues to return profits to customers, launching a campaign “Shop Insurance, Have a Night with iFWD” When buying insurance online through the iFWD platform for cancer insurance, “FWD Easy E-Cancer” or “Insurance Major Critical Illness”, get a discount on the first year’s insurance premiums. 20% when entering code iFWD20 between 8-15 February 2023

Mr David Korunich, Chief Executive Officer, FWD Life Insurance Public Company Limited (“FWD Life Insurance or “FWD Life Insurance”) disclosed that we develop products and services with a working principle based primarily on customer needs (Customer Led) having ‘to plan to meet customer needs in all aspects of protection. Thank you customers for their continued interest in iFWD online insurance products. We have organized a “Shop Insurance, Get Back with iFWD” campaign for those who purchase products participating FWD insurance through the iFWD online channel between 8-15 February 2023

The “Shop for Insurance with iFWD” campaign includes 2 types of health insurance products: FWD Easy E-Cancer Cancer Insurance and Major Critical Illness Insurance 3. If cancer is detected even early customers can receive lump sum payment for medical treatment. As for the Big 3 critical illness insurance product, it provides coverage for 3 groups of critical illnesses which are common as follows: All types of cancer, all stages, cardiovascular diseases and brain related diseases and the nervous system in which, if a serious illness is detected Customers will receive coverage from the beginning up to a maximum of 2,000,000 baht and a life service of 50,000 baht by paying fixed premiums for 5 years according to the premium at the initial age.

Customers can purchase insurance by entering the code iFWD20 in the promo code field. To receive an immediate 20% discount on the first year’s premium, iFWD online insurance is an online insurance product that customers can purchase on their own, easily, conveniently, quickly, and receive coverage immediately after completing the payment. Those interested can learn more details and purchase insurance products online through the online insurance platform at ifwd.fwd.co.th

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