G-20 group to push for more cooperation to fight global warming at COP27

The United Nations Conference on Global Climate Change, or COP27, is being held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. next week Environmental activists are pressing for pledges among developed countries to increase measures to reduce pollution and carbon emissions at the meeting.

A recent report on the United Nations Environment Program stated that the international community was still unable to achieve the goals outlined in the 1958 Paris Agreement. 2015 on reducing carbon which causes the greenhouse effect In order to prevent the global average temperature level above 1.5 degrees Celsius from the pre-industrial level.

Inger Anderson, executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme. He told VOA, “75% of greenhouse gases come from the 20 largest G-20 countries … so these countries should increase their efforts. And this will be a key discussion point at COP27 in Africa.”

The COP27 meeting was held in Egypt like several countries in northeast Africa. faced with severe drought by analysts attention to the fact Africa emits only 4% of the total pollution, but it is hit hardest by global warming.

The COP27 platform will provide opportunities for countries to negotiate in order to achieve environmental goals. and Anderson pointed out The answer is clear: a focus on clean energy sources. solar energy Renewable energy, electric cars, energy saving buildings and smart infrastructure.

  • source: VOA

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