G20 summit promotes equitable distribution of vaccines, China’s proposed international “health code” is controversial-BBC News

The Group of 20 (G20) summit hosted by Saudi Arabia closed on Sunday (November 22). Leaders of various countries issued a communiqué after the online meeting stating that they will “spare no effort” to ensure that everyone in the world can “affordably and fairly receive” the diagnosis and vaccination of the new coronavirus.

However, the communiqué did not specify the amount of new funds expected to be contributed to achieving this goal.

U.S. President Trump attended some of the meetings, emphasizing different views from his allies. Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed his willingness to strengthen cooperation with other countries on the vaccine issue. He proposed to use an international “health code” to guarantee access, which caused controversy.

The fair distribution of vaccines is not specific enough

While many countries are still suffering from the health and economic troubles caused by the new crown virus, this summit was held mainly around how to solve these problems, including discussing how to ensure that the new crown vaccine is distributed at an affordable price in poorer countries.

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