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G7, emergency video summit on the 24th… Taliban sanctions debate over Afghanistan

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Seven major countries (G7) decided to hold a summit meeting via video to resolve the ‘Afghanistan crisis’ on the 24th and discuss economic sanctions against the Taliban.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who will chair the G7 this year, announced the convening of the G7 emergency summit on the 24th via Twitter on the 22nd (local time), saying, “The international community has enjoyed the safe evacuation of refugees, the prevention of humanitarian crises, and the rights that Afghans have enjoyed for 20 years. We have to work together to protect it,” he said.

According to Reuters, Britain plans to propose economic sanctions at the G7 summit if the Taliban, an Islamic militant group, continues to suppress human rights and support terrorism. They also agreed to warn the international community to halt aid to Afghanistan. US President Joe Biden has also said he will support sanctions if the Taliban’s human rights violations are confirmed.

In addition, the summit is expected to address the agenda of extending the deadline for the withdrawal of U.S. troops to the end of this month in order to promote the safe evacuation of more people through Kabul International Airport in Afghanistan. At Kabul Airport, there are difficulties in evacuation as the possibility of terrorism by extremist forces such as Islamic State (IS) has been raised.

The Taliban leadership, which took over Afghanistan for the first time in 20 years, is implementing a rule of fear under the Sharia Law (Islamic Religious Law). A desperate evacuation procession continued to escape the Taliban, and economic activity in Afghanistan was completely halted. There was also an economic crisis such as extreme hardship and inflation. A civil war with the Taliban was imminent as the anti-Taliban resistance groups established positions in three places, including the northern Panjishir, and declared decisive conflict.

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