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Gadeokdo New Airport Special Act “Ticketing Airport” Rebound Degree | SBS News

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The Gadeokdo New Airport Special Act has passed the general meeting of the National Assembly’s National Land, Infrastructure and Transport Committee.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport held the Subcommittee on Transportation Law from the morning of today (19th) and passed the so-called’Special Bill for Construction of Gadeokdo New Airport’, which was raised to a plenary meeting and decided through a vote.

As a result of voting for special law treatment, 21 of the 23 members in favor were in favor, and 1 in opposition and abstention.

Among the main contents contained in the special bill, the most striking part is the exemption from the preliminary feasibility study for the quick and smooth implementation of the new airport construction project.

Contents related to development in Gyeongnam areas such as Busan through the construction of a new airport are also included.

Contents that allow a certain range around the new airport construction area to be designated as the planned development area, and allow the project implementer to give preferential treatment to those who have jurisdiction near the new airport and who have main offices in nearby local governments when signing construction goods and services. Included.

In addition, in order to promote the construction of a new airport more efficiently and quickly, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has established a new airport construction promotion team, and the 6th comprehensive airport development plan was established through the supplementary provisions to prevent overlap with other airport development projects.

The issue of’Gimhae New Airport abolition’ was not specified in the article, but reflected in the supplementary provisions.

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The preliminary feasibility review was simplified, but the environmental impact assessment was not exempted.

Before the bill was handled, Justice Party lawmaker Shim Sang-jeong strongly opposed Gadeokdo Island’s new airport as a’ticketing airport’.

Rep. Shim said, “It was evaluated as the most inappropriate position in the pre-feasibility study in 2016. Is it possible to stipulate it by law with various privileges including budget feasibility issues?” I’ll set the day.

Democratic Party lawmaker Cho Eung-cheon, secretary of the ruling party of the National Territory Commission, said, “The opposition parties deliberated very fiercely on various issues,” and “I hope you don’t worry.”

As the bill passes the entire meeting, the Gadeokdo New Airport Special Act is expected to be submitted to the plenary session on the 26th after review by the Legislative Judicial Council on the 25th.

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