Gaga, a famous racer, rides a 25 million Ferrari, freewheels, crashes into a tree, injures

In the afternoon, on November 23, 2022, a centurion on duty at the Don Mueang Police Station received a report that a car crashed into a tree on the side of the road. On Phaholyothin Road, there was an injured Ferrari, red F8 TRIBUTO 3.9 (Rosso Magma), registration number 6666, Bangkok. He lost control and crashed into a tree on the side of the road, breaking the roof of the car.

From checking the condition of the car found next to the right door open to see the inside frame The right front wheel was broken, 1 person was injured, called Mr Nawin Yasri, aged 45, injured in the spine, who was taken to Paolo Kaset Hospital.

From the preliminary investigation, it was learned that Mr. Nine had driven along Phaholyothin Road, in and out during the 26 kilometer turn to enter a gas station during Soi Phaholyothin 73, but when leaving, the car caused a free wheel slide until the car was out of control . leading to such an accident

For the red Ferrari F8 TRIBUTO 3.9 (Rosso Magma), which is worth more than 25 million baht, this car belongs to Dr. Weerakart Dokchan, who has a degree as a racer. and owner of World Pump (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

For Mr. Nawin Yasri, known as “Gaga”, is a racer under the team Puma Inforlife Team Ptt who has won countless awards. After the insurance event the slide car was brought to lift the car to the center immediately. Initially, the officer had filed a charge of reckless driving causing damage to government property. Which has a fine of no more than 1,000 baht, which must wait for the injured to testify with the authorities again

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