Gainesville businessman was killed outside of CVS

Gainesville police have been arrested by East Point man in relation to fatal shooting Thursday significant business outside of CVS, officials said.

DeMarvin Bennett, 24, was arrested under 2 a.m. Sunday morning, Prime Minister Jay Parrish announced Gainesville police at a news conference.

Jack Hough's businessman and hometown, 73, was sitting inside his parked car and his wife went into the CVS from Park Hill Drive, said Parrish.

When the car window was inserted, Bennett asked for bets and tried Rob Hough about 7:45 p.m.

DeMarvin Bennett was arrested on Sunday morning in the Eastern Point. (Photo: Sheriff County Office)

"He succeeded in the suspected effort and struggles," said Parrish. "At that time, Mr. Hough shot while sitting inside his vehicle, twice in the torso."

It was built to the North East Georgia Medical Center, where he died later, previously reported

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Investigators received Bennett's forensic evidence on the spot, Parrish. After capturing him without an incident in the North Post, he was taken back to County Hall and murdered a murder charge.

Police also found what they believe is the gun used to kill Hough.

Bennett was previously arrested, Parrish said, but he did not have details of his criminal history. He was in Ghana with his girlfriend to find work and housing opportunities, police said.

Hough was a busy North Georgia famous. Air Force's semi-official announced its successful business of food courts in malls and airports nationally, which reported News Action Channel 2 on Friday.

The shooting at CVS at Parkhill Drive arrived at Gainesville at 7:45 p.m.

"In the early nineteen, he started the concept of a consolidated foodstuff court and successfully expanded in center centers," wrote his family in the background.

He also knew of his work of a mansion. Dell your family, instead of flowers, you will be donated to two of our favorite charities with Hain, Gainesville: Care of Us and the First United Methodist Church of Gainesville.

"This community lost a great man," said Parrish, adding that he talked to the Hough family after the arrest. "It takes them out of the cloud as they start their own healing process."

Hough was one of four "random casualty casualty activity" in the past five weeks, Parrish said in Friday's video message.

"We understand anxiety and worry about your safety in the city," said Parrish. "We know that random acts of violence are not the same for Gainesville, Georgia."

One of the four shooting is still unresolved, police said.

In other news:

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