Galaxy Note 10 with 5G? AT & T gives tempting clues - CNET in Spanish

The Galaxy Note 10 would have 5G, or at least one version of that cell phone.
                                                    Screenshot by Juan Garzon / CNET
                                                The rumors have indicated that the Samsung Galaxy S10 would have a version with 5G and apparently the Galaxy Note 10 would also have a version with this connectivity. AT & T announced this week that it will not only launch a Samsung 5G cell in the first half of 2019, but It will also have a second Samsung cell phone with this connectivity in the second half of 2019. The company did not specifically mention which cellphone it would be, but the rumors have indicated that we can expect a Galaxy S10 with that technology and it would be strange that the telephone of the Note series, which is generally more advanced, does not include that feature.

                                        On the other hand, Samsung also said that the phone that will launch during the first half of 2019 would integrate the Snapdragon 855 processor, so it would be no surprise if all versions of the Galaxy S10 (at least in the US) have this processor – up to the Galaxy Note 10 would also have it. However, this does not mean that the Galaxy S10 would be the first cell phone with the Snapdragon 855 or 5G processor; the first would be the OnePlus 5G, at least in Europe. Having said that, it is expected that in Europe the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 will continue with the tendency to integrate the Exynos processor and the new generation would be the Exynos 9820.
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