Galaxy S22 camera new update.. Camera Assistant app released

On the 27th, Samsung Electronics introduced a new ‘Camera Assistant’ app that further improves the camera functions of the Galaxy S22 series.

According to Samsung, in the Camera Assistant app, you can choose whether to activate certain features, such as automatic lens switching, automatic HDR, and quick shooting. In addition, you can set various shooting options, such as choosing the number of photos to be taken after the timer is activated.

The main features of the Camera Assistant that Samsung has revealed are as follows.

Auto HDR: If you want to take a photo with a natural atmosphere without the HDR effect, you can turn off the Auto HDR menu.

Soft Photo Texture: Activate this feature to soften the edges and textures of your photo.

Automatic lens change: The ‘auto lens change’ function automatically changes the camera lens according to the distance to the object and the lighting conditions. If you want to use a telephoto lens instead of a wide lens when shooting close objects, you can disable this function in the menu.

Video recording in photo mode: Turning off this feature prevents video from being accidentally recorded even if you press and hold the button in photo mode.

Number of shots when the timer is set: In timer mode, multiple photos can be taken automatically and quickly. At this time, you can choose the number of photos taken continuously from 1, 3, 5, or 7 photos.

Quick Shot: In this mode, you can take up to 7 photos per second, which is useful when shooting moving subjects.

Camera Auto Off: You can choose how long the camera app (preview screen) stays on (choose from 1, 2, 5, or 10 minutes).

Clean HDMI: Shows the camera’s preview screen without menus or buttons on the HDMI-connected display.

Meanwhile, the Camera Assistant app is currently available for Galaxy S22 series with One UI 5 or higher.


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