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Samsung has launched the Galaxy S23 series, the latest smartphone that many people have been waiting for. It also comes in nature inspired colors with earth tones. which looks naturally elegant and excellent Made of natural colors and selected environmentally friendly materials with recycled PET film glass to enhance the elegance of the device. There are four colors to choose from: Green, Cream, Lavender and Phantom Black. Samsung also has special colors such as Lime, Graphite, Sky Blue and Red for ordering through the online channel in addition to the colors which is open. all over the country at the moment!!!

Green is inspired by the colors of nature. Be it green from the Botaneg Green stone and the greenery of various plants. and designed in a greyish green color which adds elegance to the device. Green also gives a feeling of freshness, peace, relaxation. In addition, green is also an auspicious colour. Or familiar with the name of green property is a color that many people must have with them for peace of mind.

A soft white cream inspired by white cotton flowers that look soft and fluffy. natural tones that’s still luxurious and minimal in the body With a warm color tone and a little gold chip from the machine Add premium to the next level No matter how you match it, it’s beautiful and classy .

Lavender is a color inspired by the color of lilac flowers that come in shades of purple mixed with light grey. is perfect in a pastel style It gives a feeling of softness, sweetness and beauty. In addition, the color Lavender is trending at the moment. Who is a person who likes sweet colors? Lamoon should not lose.

Phantom Black, a cool black inspired by the color of coal. matte black natural fuel Like the device that comes with a detailed texture with a soft side covering the entire back cover The more it adds a cool and classic look that looks natural. In addition, it is an all-time favorite color that many people still choose to use.

Own it today!! with the latest flagship smartphone that combines all the features of the Samsung Galaxy in one device AND stands out naturally with colors inspired by nature that can perfectly match every lifestyle. You can order now (Pre-order) from today through online channels on the website or in-store at the Samsung Experience Store and participating stores from today – February 23 only!!! There is no more top than this.

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