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We shared a few days ago that a lazy Nicaraguan retailer Samsung will hold a press conference on February 1st, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be released to the public last week, and the netizen @edwards_uh who also bought this flagship phone unceremoniously, was photographed. and released Some photos showing the super night shooting and zoom capabilities of the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Upgraded camera specs released

According to information released by the SamMobile website yesterday, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will use a 200MP ISOCELL HP2 main camera, along with two Sony IMX754 10MP telephoto lenses with 3x and 10x zoom respectively, and a Sony IMX564 ultra-wide angle lens 12MP. . As for the front selfie lens, it is a bit strange. The information shows that it is an unannounced ISOCELL 3LU photosensitive element. Compared to the ISOCELL GH1 of the previous generation S22 Ultra, it provides a 40MP selfie. The new 3LU photosensitive element only has 12MP. pixels.

Amazing Night Shooting Zoom Capability

From the Hands-on unboxing Galaxy S23 Ultra video circulated on the Internet, it can be seen that the zoom capability is maintained 100 times, and the video recording supports up to 8K 30fps, and @edwards_uh, which already bought a new phone , also seen in the photos shared by @edwards_uh And the zoom capability is quite excellent. What was revealed yesterday also included the official pre-order posters of Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series, which are also shared with netizens here.


▲ Night shooting mode


▲ Night shooting mode


▲ Night shooting mode


▲ Zoomable display


▲ Zoomable display


▲ Official order poster

Source: sammobile

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