‘Galaxy S23 Ultra’ wearing Gorilla Glass Victors 2 beats iPhone 14 Pro Max in drop test

Samsung Electronics’ latest smartphone Galaxy S23 Ultra beat the Apple Iphone 14 Pro Max by a narrow margin in the drop test conducted on YouTuber ‘Phone Buff’.

Galaxy S23 Ultra has been applied with Corning’s latest ganghwa glass ‘Gorilla Glass Victors’ on the front and back of the armor aluminum frame. In addition, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is applied with ceramic shield glass and dual ion glass on the front and back, respectively, and uses a stainless steel frame.

Phone Buff conducted a total of four drop tests on both products, including ▲Back Drop ▲Corner Drop ▲Face Drop ▲Bonus Drop. As a result of the test, the iPhone 14 Pro Max had a broken back glass from the first back test, but the Galaxy S23 Ultra had a slightly broken part near the back corner.

In the second corner test, the durability of the iPhone 14 Pro Max frame was found to be better. The iPhone 14 Pro Max suffered minimal damage, but the Galaxy S23 Ultra suffered more damage in the corners.

In the third face reduction, the displays of the two products were almost equal. The display suffered some damage, but the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and Face ID worked fine.

The final bonus drop test was a surface drop test on a metal floor, not concrete. Again, both devices suffered similar damage to their displays, but in the case of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the front and rear cameras suffered a bit of flash.

In the drop test over four times, the Galaxy S23 Ultra scored a total of 38 points, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max scored a total of 36 points. A more detailed test process can be seen in the video.