Game delayed due to bird attack Katsuya Kakunaka’s (refreshingly) “human power” strategy: watch J-CAST TV[arddangos testun llawn]

On September 20, 2022 (September 2022), a flock of dozens of birds attacked the ZOZO Marine Stadium in Chiba, where a professional baseball game “Lotte vs Orix” was being broken into.

  • The reason for suspending the game is… (Image is an image)

  • The reason for suspending the game is... (Image is an image)

Koji Kato “There is a possibility that I will come again.”

The birds came to “watch” around 7:40pm during the Orix attack in the top of the sixth, circling over the grounds and spectator seats and refusing to leave. Then the operation began to turn out.

Sato Machiko Ana “The first strategy was to turn off all the lights and make it dark.” The strategy is that if it gets dark inside the stadium, it will fly to the bright side outside. It was so dark that an announcement was made to the audience, “Watch your step.” Koji Kato, the moderator, said, “It’s not an insect.”

Operation 2 was to threaten with sound. The background music was played with the cry of birds of prey and the sound of a bazooka being loud. Scared and unwilling to fly. It had the exact opposite effect.

And the last strategy that finally succeeded!? Surprised by the appearance of Kakunaka and the sound of his footsteps, the flock of birds immediately took off and left the stadium.

Kato: “Using human power was the best thing to drive them away, I wonder if they are migratory birds. This stadium is very close to the sea.


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