Game Director and Producer of ‘Dragon Doctrine 2’ Share Exciting Details in Tokyo Game Show Interview with VGC

Interview with Game Director and Producer Reveals Exciting Details About “Dragon Doctrine 2”

Tokyo, Japan – After unveiling their highly anticipated game sequel, “Dragon Doctrine 2,” at the Tokyo Game Show, esteemed game director Hideaki Itsuno and producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi sat down for an exclusive interview with VGC, a prominent foreign media outlet, to shed light on what gamers can expect from the upcoming release.

Bringing Unprecedented Content to the Table

The duo expressed their desire to create “content that cannot be expressed in the previous game.” To achieve this ambitious goal, they drew inspiration from acclaimed titles like “Grand Theft Auto” and ingeniously incorporated its essence into every facet of “Dragon Doctrine 2”. This infusion promises to elevate the gaming experience to new heights.

Revolutionizing Non-Playable Characters (NPCs)

One remarkable innovation discussed during the interview was the implementation of artificial intelligence to breathe life into NPCs. Itsuno and Hirabayashi aim to make the characters in “Dragon Doctrine 2” independent entities, capable of living their own lives apart from the players. This groundbreaking feature is set to revolutionize the realms of character dynamics within the game.

A Refreshed Dialogue Experience

Addressing a common gripe in previous RPG games, the team acknowledged that followers often repeated phrases due to technical limitations. In response, “Dragon Doctrine 2” will see a significant increase in communication frequency between followers and players, offering fresh, interesting dialogues while minimizing repetitive encounters.

Bridging the Gap with Multiplayer Mode

In an exciting move, players will now have the opportunity to observe and interact with followers of both fellow players and friends in the game’s online multiplayer mode. This addition will foster a sense of community within the expansive open-world setting of “Dragon Doctrine 2”.

Unleashing the Capabilities of the RE Engine

As an open-world game, “Dragon Doctrine 2” utilizes the RE engine, renowned for powering titles like “Resident Evil 8: Village”. Itsuno and Hirabayashi expressed their fruitful collaboration with the RE engine engineers, ensuring smooth gameplay experiences with minimal loading issues. The game’s sprawling roads serve as subtle navigational aids, allowing players the freedom to embark on their adventures unhindered.

Focusing on the Best Experience for Players

Their dedication to delivering an outstanding gaming experience is evident as Itsuno Hideaki emphasized the value of the “Dragon Doctrine” intellectual property (IP). The developers meticulously gathered the necessary resources, leading to a decade-long gap between the prior installment and “Dragon Doctrine 2”. Notably, it was decided early in the project’s inception that a Nintendo Switch version would not be available to ensure players receive the best possible experience.

A Unique Game that Defies Comparison

When prompted to compare “Dragon Doctrine 2” with recently released games, Itsuno Hideaki asserted that it stands as a distinct entity separate from titles like “Baldur’s Gate 3”. He acknowledged his busy schedule, confessing to briefly delving into “Starry Sky” for less than an hour, demonstrating his commitment to bringing his vision to fruition.

As the anticipation for “Dragon Doctrine 2” continues to build, fans worldwide eagerly await its release, anticipating a groundbreaking gaming adventure like never before.

After showing “Dragon Cult 2” at the Tokyo Game Show, game director Hideaki Itsuno and producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi accepted an interview with foreign media VGC and revealed some details of the game.

They said they hope to achieve “content that cannot be expressed in the previous game” in “Dragon Doctrine 2”. To this end, they took a lot of inspiration from games like “GTA” and eventually applied it to every aspect of the game.

As for NPCs, they are currently using artificial intelligence to allow game NPCs to “live their own lives independent of players.” The official said this is the goal that “Dragon Doctrine 2” strives to achieve.

The followers in the previous game often said some repetitive words. This is a common phenomenon in almost all RPG games and it is also related to technical limitations. In “Dragon Doctrine 2”, the frequency of communication between followers and players will be increased, and the content of the dialogue will also be changed. It will be more interesting and reduce repetitive dialogue.

In addition, players can also see other players’ followers and friends’ followers while playing in the online multiplayer mode.

As an open world game, this game uses the RE engine (game engine like “Castle of Evil 8”) Officials said that they work closely with RE engine engineers and will rarely encounter problems load while inspecting. roads in the game are just a reminder of the player’s direction, and players can “move freely” in the game world.

In addition, Itsuno Hideaki claimed that “Dragon Doctrine” is a very valuable IP. The developers spent a long time to collect the required resources, so it was separated from the previous work by more than ten years. However, from the beginning of the project, the developers It was decided that “Dragon Doctrine 2” will not have a Switch version, so that it can bring the “best experience” to players.

When asked to compare with recently released games, Itsuno Hideaki said that “Dragon’s Doctrine 2” and “Baldur’s Gate 3” are completely different types of games and cannot be simply compared. Because he was too busy, he only downloaded “Starry Sky”. ”, but I played it for less than an hour.

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