Game hunting for tyrants at the end of Inspector Non-Jennaree-Krittiya join forces to expose the wicked

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29 Dec 2021 21:30

Hunting game EP.19 wicked hunting game moving forward intensely whenInspector Non (Mark Prin) Jennari (Taew Nataporn) with police force face to face withWichan (Male Chatyodom) Sanchai (Anuwat Niwatwong) Rita (Poppy Bunyisa) The fire never stopped.

Lalisa (Toon Pimpawee) What will she do when her life is forced by Wichana, will she be able to cut off her sisterhood with Janeri? Then her love for Marwin (Top Charon) How will it end up Krittiya (Nok Sinjai) will find a way outCommander Kajorn (Nok Chatchai) can or not

What kind of ending will this hunt game have to follow in the drama? tyrannical game ending Broadcast on Thursday, December 30, 2021 at 8:30 p.m. on Channel 3 press 33

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