Game Insight’s mobile site added Dia2 Resurrection patch 2.5 ‘Realm of Fear – Destruction Amulet’

Diablo 2: Resurrection patch 2.5 was applied on September 23rd.

With this patch, new elements like ‘Terror Zone’ and ‘Sundering Charm’ have been officially applied, and the second school term is scheduled to start on October 7th.

Realm of Fear is a user selectable feature that allows you to enjoy the journey to reach level 99 in a new way. When a field of fear is activated, the Hell Burning Legion concentrates the power of fear in a certain field every hour, and the level and power of all the monsters in the area become stronger, and experience and equipment are given according to the level of strength.

Destroying amulets have the effect of breaking the monster’s type of immunity, and when hunting powerful monsters with immunity, you can try different types of classes.

A total of six unique giant amulets can be acquired at the start of School Season 2, including jet black piercing (destroys the monster’s magic immunity) and bone shattering (destroys the monster’s physical immunity).

On the other hand, Blizzard plans to present a real ‘Hunter’s Mark’ trophy to users who were in the top 50 in the first season’s expansion pack ladder and hardcore expansion pack ladder, respectively.

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