‘Game of Thrones’ Park Sang-hyun wins the KPGA opening game with a birdie on the 18th hole (overall)


picture explanationPark Sang-hyun cheers after putting in a birdie putt on the 18th hole.

Park Sang-hyeon (39), the ‘winner’, succeeded in a dramatic birdie on the last hole and climbed to the top of the KPGA Korean Tour opening game.

In the final round of the KPGA Korean Tour DB Non-life Insurance Promy Open (total prize of 700 million won) held at Raviebel Country Club Old Course (par 71) in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do on the 17th, Park Sang-hyun hit 4 under par 67 to win the 4 rounds with a total of 10 under par 274. did.

The DB Insurance Promy Open is the first competition of this season. Park Sang-hyun took the 11th trophy on the KPGA Korean Tour in his arms.

Including the two wins on the Japan tour, it is the 13th.

Park Sang-hyun, who received 140 million won in prize money, increased his total prize money to 4.235.78 million won.

Park Sang-hyun, who was the first to break through 4 billion won in prize money on the KPGA tour, sprinted to first place in the career prize money.

Park Sang-hyeon, who played in the final round five shots behind the lead Lee Sang-yeop (28), called his wife and two sons to the stadium.

Although he said, “My wife brought two sons with me to keep my spirits up,” Park Sang-hyeon was determined to play the winning drama in front of his family.

Park Sang-hyun’s confidence came from experience.

Park Sang-hyeon, who predicted that competitors in the rankings would not be able to reduce the number of strokes easily in the final round, predicted that the game would be decided at the last minute.

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He said, “Looking at the pin position, I thought that the green would be firmer and the windy final round would be overturned by 6 or 7 strokes. I thought that the championship could be achieved with a final total of 10 under par.”

Park Sang-hyun’s prediction was correct.

Park Sang-hyun held the lead by reducing two strokes to the 14th hole. Two birdies and two bogeys were served, and the luck of the eagle on the 8th hole (par 4) was a big help.

His second shot, with 121 yards left, went past the pin, then down the slope and sucked into the hole.

Park Sang-hyeon, a par 5 birdie on the 15th hole, took the lead with Lee Hyeong-jun (30), Jo Seong-min (37), and Lee Jun-seok (34) at 9-under par. An Eagle chip shot near the green almost got in.

On the 18th hole (par 4), Park Sang-hyun caught a 7-meter birdie and climbed to the 10-under par first.

The 18th hole had 7 double bogeys that day, and the birdie is a difficult hole that only two people, including Park Sang-hyun, have tasted.

Park Sang-hyun, who had an intuition that it would be the winning birdie putt, held a birdie ceremony that lasted over 20 seconds.

While cheering with both arms raised, he threw an uppercut into the air, threw the putter, and threw up his hat and sunglasses, crying out.

Park Sang-hyun laughed, “I knew that if I catch a birdie on the 18th hole, I win, and even if it’s par, I’m going to go to overtime.

Park Sang-hyun watched the pursuers play by the green on the 18th hole.

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On the 18th hole, Lee Jun-seok missed a 5m birdie putt, which was closer than Park Sang-hyun.

Park Sang-hyun’s victory was confirmed when Lee Hyung-jun, who was pushed by two strokes on the 15th hole (par 5) bogey and then caught up by one stroke again with a 17th hole (par 3) birdie, was aiming for the birdie and his bunker shot slightly deflected the hole.

Hyung-Jun Lee’s second shot at the 15th hole, aiming for a 2, flew into the OB area.

Park Sang-hyun roared once again and fully enjoyed the joy of winning.

Park Sang-hyeon said, “The goal is to win 5 in the season,” and “The long-term goal is to fill 20 wins (including overseas competitions) that give permanent seeds.”

Park Sang-hyun congratulates his two sons on winning by drawing a V-shaped finger.

picture explanationPark Sang-hyun congratulates his two sons on winning by drawing a V-shaped finger.

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Lee Jun-seok and Jo Seong-min, who lost two strokes side by side, and Lee Hyeong-jun, who lost one stroke, finished second by one stroke (9-under 275 strokes).

Kim Min-gyu (21), who hit 3-under, took fifth place (8-under 276 strokes).

Lee Sang-yeop (28), who finished the third round at the top, lost 9 strokes and was pushed down to a tie for 17th (2 under par 282).

A total of 3,997 galleries, including 1,955 people, entered the contest, the first in two years and six months to allow spectators to enter.


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