Game Thrones vs Avengers: Endgame vs. Taylor Swift: Who won Thunderdome Culture Thunder?

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As such, the world's largest franchise is the world's largest television show and the world's largest music artist who chooses the same weekend to release their biggest ever.

The cultures gods bless us with many gifts last weekend and the reader, we are emotionally exhausted, physically and literally. The all-out entertainment attack began with the premiere of it Avengers: Endgame, cinematic play 10 years doing. Then Taylor Swift came, with the help of Panic! at the Discos Brendon Urie, to release her first single in two years, "ME!" the same day.

Think about the stone Infinity Stone cast … but still was another competitor for command chats of pop culture: HBO Game Thrones, his biggest episode ever broadcast on Sunday night, and the long-awaited Battle of Winterfell, was head of the final season.

Christmas Swiftmas soon came and you thought of your birthday already celebrated as in fact, it's not much better than that; it was difficult to focus on social media, trying to share our attention equally between all the issues that had been broken down. While Monday's holiday was not a national holiday to give people the appropriate and appropriate time to decommission it is beyond our ability.

But in fact, between Game Thrones, Avengers: Endgame and Swift, who could the giant of the culture pop out on top at the battlefield of entertainment? That would have a huge impact on the conversation on Monday morning, when the long night ended, finally revealing the end-game and "ME!" it was an obsession E!

Before we start fully in, we have to do this in the future:

SCHOOL WARNING! Many of the artists involved in removing it are as follows Avengers: Endgame and Game Thrones"" The Long Night. "Out of this if you are the one out of every 14 million not yet seen." Endgame or they forgot that they are suited to the Battle of Winterfell, as we will be revealing big plot points from both.

Avengers: Endgame

The project: 10 years. 22 films. All this came … with the brilliant leadership in the manager of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige, who worked Iron man as the film to seize opportunity, and not to be insurable Robert Downey Jr. as a star, to start the way would be a MCU back in 2008.

"People forget Iron man was an independent film, "Feige said Vanity Fair. But even then, he had an idea to put an end to everything: putting a post-credit scene with a big Easter egg: Samuel L. Jackson as S.H.I … L .. the director Nick Fury, the man behind the Avengers coming together.

After Iron manDisney was a great success, Disney Marvel got into 2009, paving the way for the billion-dollar franchise.

The main struggle for a feige early than actors was to enable them to vision, to tell Vanity Fair waiting Chris Evans it was one of the greatest experiences that was affecting his career to unite with six picture discussions. But once and Evans unknown Chris Hemsworth signed on (as Captain America and Thor, respectively), his final Avengers plan truly began as he had three of the main players together.

And Thanos (who was at Josh Brolin, which was first introduced in the first year of this generation The Avengers, paving the way for many years to come.

Back in 2017, Feige promised that Endgame, who had no official title yet, would "see things you never saw in superhero films: a finish."

He told him Vanity Fair, "There shall be two separate periods Avengers 4 and everything afterwards. I know it won't be ways people are expecting. "

Feige was not lying, to the end Infinity War wearing out half of the population, including large shepherds such as Spider-Man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Peter Quill and more, in the ear heard around the world, leaving the audience their limbs on the theater floor popcorn.

The six Avengers standing on the left were ready for a final mission which he had hoped for.

Even before the dust settled, Endgame he was breaking a pre-sales ticket record in six hours, according to Fandango.

"We have never seen anything like this – this is a groundbreaking achievement as fans cannot wait to see how this epic saga ends," said Erik Davis, Fandango's EW management editor at the time. .

But no one knew how important it was Endgame April 26 would have been loose.

Records: Consider that the box office is completely destroyed. Like Sokovia after the battle into Ultron Agelevel of extermination.

With an estimated global start of $ 1.2 billion, Endgame is the first film in history to pass the $ 1 billion benchmark in the open weekend. Holder of previous record? Infinity War, only $ 640 million back in 2018.

Put those crazy numbers in perspective: t Endgame made in five days only Infinity wars, The previous record holder must have 11 days.

At home, he brought in $ 350 million, a new record that is really really relaxed The Avengers, the 2012 film that kicked off this era, the first film to break the $ 200 million barrier. $ 60 million of that came on Thursday night, adding to the first full day ($ 156.7 million records).

It is hard to imagine any upcoming movie even coming with these numbers, let alone.

Think about the end of an era. And the somber start of a new one.

Spider-Man, Tom Holland

Courtesy of Sony Pictures

The Follow-up: "You have an end to a great story," said Marvel Studios Kevin Feige said Endgame at its world premiere Hollywood Reporter. "It is also necessary to end a new beginning."

More than his two competitors, Endgame that I wanted to end the story by so many beloved characters … and end a huge era for the MCU. For the first time in a long time, the immediate future feels insecure.

We certainly know, as in Marvel, that they officially confirmed their respective releases: Spider-Man: Far from Home It is due to open in July, which will complete Marvel's Phase 3. Because Peter ParkerTom Holland(b) destructive loss at Endgame end and a quick-emotional reunification with the BFF, it is safe to say that PTSD will post-dive with Spidey.

But then what? The other confirmed sequences are Black Panther 2 and Strange doctor 2, as well as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 now that director James Gunn He is officially back on a Star-Lord ship. And Captain Marvel 2 is it given, right?

A Black widow prequel film was already announced Endgame, and now we know why, as Natasha Romanoff's storyline came to an end in the film.

However, Step 4 intends to bring some of the main characters into the mix, making Marvel the right to more than 7,000 characters: Fans can expect Shang-Chi film-the first movie Marvel with Asian lead – as well The Eternals, with Angeline Jolie, Kumail Nanjiani and Dong-seok Ma It seems to make a film in the film that will take the MCU longer into the space.

In an interview with io9, Kevin Feige said that Phase 4 was a "five year" step ahead in 2020, but he was unhappy to compare it with the new steps that came before him.

"The slate we have been building over the past five years [is] not apples with apples, "he said." It is very specific and I hope that they will be very different. But there is a similar perception of it, that is, 'How can we continue to tell stories of some of the characters who already know and love them in a particular way, in a different way? , many wonders a lot of plans and ideas and existing work? # 39; [Then] 'How can we introduce new characters that were known to hard fans, comic fans, or hardly they heard them?' That's very exciting too. "

Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 2

Marvel / 20th Century Fox

And about the acquisition of Fox, the X-Men recently, and Disney Ryan ReynoldDeadpool is now in the mix, although the plan was drawn up five years before the merger.

"It's much more, for ourselves, less about when and where [the X-Men will appear] now and more just because of comfort and how nice it is that they are home, "Feige said io9." They are back. But it will be a very long time. "

But the MCU is officially expanding to the small screen in a big way after making ABC covergents of S.H.I.E.L .. and cancel all Marvel Netflix series, including Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Launching in November 2019, a new streaming platform will include Disney, Disney +, some very familiar faces. In the first year, a Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan-and Blue and Winter Soldier the series is slate, while Loki (yes, Tom Hiddleston connected), and WandaVision, staring Elizabeth Olsen, set for year two.

Emotional Resonance:

We knew it was at the end of Step 3. We knew they were saying goodbye to the original six. But man, we didn't prepare how emotional it would be.

Natasha sacrificed herself to save her only known family. Tony Stark, the man who needed physical proof once he had a heart, died so that everyone else, including his young daughter and defender Peter, could survive. Steve has been America's Captain on his own terms, living from his life with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell).

All were happy that they were happy with all sarcasm, and that each character was getting what they wanted in a way: Family. Redemption. Love.

"His journey had ended, in our minds, if she could get the Avengers back," a screenwriter Stephen McFeely tell The New York Times of Natasha's death. "It comes from an abusive, terrible, controlling mindset, so when she goes to Vormir and she has the chance to get the family back, that is something she would trade with."

For Tony, the man responsible for the entire Empire in the first place, thanks to 2008 Iron manMcFeely said, “Everyone knew that Tony Stark had ended like that… the password, finishing this chapter, and began the chapter.” T

After moving on with Pepper and their daughter after the dive, Tony got to finish finishing for five years, with a screenwriter Christopher Markus saying, "We had the opportunity to give him the perfect retirement. He is a good death. I don't think there's a tragedy. It feels like a heroic, finished life."

As Pepper said, he can now lie.

Finally, when he came to close Cap's story, he was always going to get that devil dancing.

"He deferred life to fulfill his duty. That's why I didn't think we were going to kill him," explained McFeely. "Because that's not the arc. The arc is, finally, I'm trying to put my shield down because I deserve that."

Game Of Thrones

The project: "The Night Night," the final event of the last season, was the biggest event GOT ever; the trailer for season eight, which was due to the character who was preparing for the Great War, records which had been broken by HBO. It was released in March, viewed over 80 million times across all platforms within the first 24 hours. The previous record was the trailer of the previous season, which was 61 million views compared.

Then there is a whole history of television in it; the big scene of the event and the staff who were about to leave. Who Game Thrones In the past, impressive award-winning battles have been completed ('Sup,' Battle of the Bastard '), director Miguel Sapochnik admitted "Winterfell Battle" was at another level.

Emmy's winning director in an EW interview showed that he was working on the episode, which was at 82 minutes (GOTlongest ever), from June 2017.

"I am shooting for seven and a half months, which is like 130 days, which is longer than most of the major movies are performed," he said. "So in terms of the amount of work, it is six and seven days there were days, 16 to 18 hours and, much, it is enough."

In April 2018, Jonathan Quinlan, assistant director division in 20 episodes, including Winterfell Battle, a note written by the producers to the team, taking the booking job, "It all says. 55 consecutive nights. 11 weeks 3 venues. You won't see any nothing again I like it. ”(It later deleted the post, probably after turning it from HBO.)

"This is the Night Dragons. For 55 direct nights surviving. To maintain the cold, the snow, the rain, the mud, Toome sheep shit and Magheramorne winds," reads the note. "When millions of people around the world watch this incident occasionally, they won't know how hard you worked. They won't care how tired you were or how It was hard for you to do a job in a sub-freeze. They'll not only see that they are looking at something that has never been done before. And that's about you. "

I Weekly EntertainmentThe story of the battle, he showed that 750 people worked on the countryside, and that the temperature was usually hovering in the lower 30s and some of the staff were getting 40,000 degrees a day on their part. pedometers, " Liam Cunningham Said Davos Ser. "The heroes are f-king."

All of these extras are also, usually earn about $ 100 days.

"The events in Northern Ireland were great in terms of their enthusiasm, and the realism they gave them," the exhibition David Benioff says the magazine. "They work so hard with these crazy hours. You think of the degree of sight we have where there are very many at the exclusively."

The expectations were high, to put it a little.

"The production team and staff did not want to make this year truly to be done on television or in film," co-executive producer Bryan Cogman said EW. "This final face between the Dead Army and the living army is completely unprecedented and uninterrupted and a mixture of genres is even within the battle. Sequences are built within sequences built within sequences. taking place. "

Records: While HBO revealed only how many people noticed that he had made it from the Battle of Winterfell, Twitter “The Night Night” confirmed the main content of the screenplay. ever. (The biggest tweeted about character during the Battle of Winterfell? Arya, of course.)

There were 7.8 million tweets under the 28 April program, which resulted in the premiere of the season, with over five million tweets.

Looking at how the season put eight of its first records with HBO and TV records this year, since 2019 has been the largest in the history of the network and the biggest script entertainment program to date. "Long Night" is probably just paste that record with the point pointed too.

Emotional Resonance: The main advantage of HBO entering this battle in pop culture was its placement: Sunday night, which meant that it had the best chance of Monday headlines to exist because the reactions would be so good. fresh and fresh.

Since an anxiety attack was 82 minutes that was essentially there, and fully accompanied by a fierce and fierce energy actual battle, the Winterfell battle emotional weight was really more in the previous program, "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms," "was almost like a study of a character, in which there were long-standing reunions, which reveal and came together.

"This program is a love letter for the characters," writer Bryan Cogman told EW the hour.

While fans were preparing for the death of many beloved characters because of the bets, most of our heroes (and anti-heroes) out of the Great War made them alive.

The fallen? Stay favorite Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey), which took out one of the Night giants on his exit, Jorah MormontIain Glen), died defending his beloved Dany; and Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen(b) whose redeemed arc was finished as it protected Bran ( tIsaac Hempstead Wright) to the end. We also said to Melisandre (Carice van Houten), Beric Dondarrion (Richard Dormer, Edd Tollett (Ben Crompton), and The Night King. (Oh, and ALL THE DOTHRAKI, WTF?!)

However, while their deaths are sad, they do not change the political game directly into the Final War against Cersei (Lena Headey). All the major players on the board are still, surprising movement of producers, which showed a complete lack of restrictions in terms of killing authentic characters previously. We have never considered it Avengers: Endgame would be more than would be GOT going into this weekend.

So we hope that the three final programs will start many swan songs for some of the original players in the series. hitting us when the least expect: the calm after the icy storm.

Taylor Swift

The project: She's getting ready … and she's all over the place, that's where we want her, I thank you very much.

Ironically, Swift may have begun this new era in his old age, with fans suggesting they succeeded in "Endgame" from 2017. good reputation"I have a reputation in advance," she sings in the duet with Ed Sheeran. New single name? "ME!"

But before he left the song and escorted the music video on April 26, Swift officially started a big announcement on April 13, adding a countdown clock to their Instagram accounts, Twitter and Facebook, as well as a new pastel color palette. .

"Go into the daylight and let him go," wrote the last Swift fire in Elle's essay, giving an idea of ​​what was to come; shortly after he launched the countdown clock, Swift began to announce photographs of palm trees, bicycles, flowers and rainbows for the first time. good reputation duration.

In March, Swift benefited from an upcoming countdown, writing in Elle essay, "I really enjoy things that I'm excited about. When I'm going through dark, low times, I've always found a bit of relief and hopefully I get a countdown app (they're free) and I add to what I look forward to. "

Good things come for those who stay, Swift continued to send certificates to her social media accounts, even annoying the Instagram filers in the days before the big nap.

And Swift liked herself with all the speculation, telling later Robin Roberts, "I can't believe how committed they are, how considerate. I can't believe how much they care for them. So it makes me more fun to create music, create videos and know they care for Easter eggs or tips or tips.It is perfect to do for people who care for them.

Before releasing a new song, Swift showed up in Nashville to greet hundreds of fans who indicated that she commissioned a butterfly mural, created by an interactive street artist. Kelsey Montague. The word "ME!" At the artwork. written in the middle, with Swift saying there were big clues there. Then she looked at ABC that night, which would reveal another hint.

Swift then lived 2019 NFL Draft for an interview with him Good Morning AmericaRobin Roberts, who officially confirms that new music was on the way, starting with "ME!" a Panic! by Brendon Urie the Disco.

"It was always there," said Taylor about the many, many tips. "It's just more fun to get as the time has elapsed."

Records: The video is a colorful and uniform Easter music that has provided some YouTube record, with Swift now and is the first female lady and the first ever 24 hours for any music video on the scene. The video was viewed on average four million hours in the first day.

Swift set a new Vevo record 24 hours, paying attention to 65.2 million scenes, excelling Ariana Grande"thanks u, next," which had the previous record with 59 million. (Swift now has three spots in Vevo's largest list for most audiences in 24 hours.) T

Of course, leave it to Swift to increase the number of people who suffer from it: 13, and fans think that this is the name of the album.

Over Amazon, "ME!" He broke TWO records for most of the first day streams and voice requests on demand with Alexa than any other start.

The Follow-up: The 29 year old man is just starting with # TS7. Firstly, Swift is about to open the 2019 Billboard Music Awards on May 1st in Las Vegas, presenting the new live song for the first time, with Urie coming on stage.

Like GOT Fans, Swifties are still eagerly awaiting official confirmation from Swift about the album's name and release date, as well as the next single title, which was also hidden somewhere in the "ME!" music video.

Theories are being compiled and heated, as well as screen graphics from the music video. Le Swift is happy to encourage the fans' great efforts.

Emotional Resonance: As she approaches 30 in December, Swift is ready to say goodbye to the past, with the imitation snake symbolizing it. good reputation literally changing that butterflies in the beginning of "ME!" music video.

And for Swift, the song is to reveal its own truth to the world, faults and everyone.

"ME is a song! About your individuality to take and celebrate it and be it," Swift said with a meaning "ME!" With Robin Roberts. "I think we can, with pop songs, get a melody stuck in one's head, and I just want it to be one that makes them feel better about themselves, not worse."

Thunderdome Pop Culture Pop: t It's a good thing to say WE! are the winners of this epic show? Come on, it is difficult to imagine another time when this record in the characteristic of pop culture – films, television and music – is broken again.

Oh, what is that? Would you like us to make a decisive winner? OK, fine: Who GOT Three of the events are still to go and Swift is just starting the # TS7 trip this, it is Avengers: Endgame that he has promoted 10 years of storytelling beautifully and historically. Respect (and deserved) must be paid. It's hard to imagine ANY movie that comes anywhere near a $ 1.2 billion Insane draw of Endgame.

But it is worth remembering Game Thrones The streaming is likely to change the final count of appointment television, as streaming services continue to change the game, taking a long-term drop-in strategy at the same time. And what other artists aside from Swift could maintain such a secret-out-out game roll out plan … for just release of the individual?

Look around, are we lucky to live now?

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