Gangdong Kyunghee Korean Medical Hospital “Effective treatment for facial paralysis and Maeseon acupuncture”

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Studies have shown that Maeseon acupuncture treatment is effective for the aftereffects of facial paralysis.

On the 2nd, the Gangdong Kyunghee University Oriental Hospital Facial Paralysis Center announced the results of a randomized controlled clinical trial for 8 weeks in 56 patients with sequelae of facial paralysis.

Maeseon acupuncture treatment significantly improved in facial disorder index (five physical functions and mood, interpersonal relations, irritability, sleep, social life, etc., such as eating food, drinking water, pronunciation, tearing, and brushing teeth) compared to before treatment. Confirmed that it looks.

In particular, in terms of physical function, the Maeseon acupuncture treatment group showed about 30% improvement (average 55.71 points → 71.61 points before treatment), showing a superior effect than the sham Maeseon acupuncture treatment group (average 50.54 points → 62.32 points, about 20% improvement) .

The study was published in the August issue of the European Journal of Integrative Medicine, an SCI-level international academic journal.

Maeseon acupuncture treatment is an oriental medical treatment method in which a chamber (Maeseonsa) that is decomposed in a living body is embedded under the skin using acupuncture treatment techniques.

Inserting acupuncture for a certain period of time after acupuncture is called yuchim. Maeseonchim is effective in maximizing the effect of oiling in the long term by purchasing Maeseonsa.

It is widely known as a procedure for cosmetic purposes such as improving skin elasticity and removing wrinkles, but recently it is widely used for the treatment of various diseases including facial nerve palsy. Maeseon inserted into the skin is slowly absorbed and disappears, so it is safe, and no serious side effects occurred in clinical trials.

Professor Nam Sang-soo of the Facial Paralysis Center said, “It is important to accurately judge whether the aftereffects of facial paralysis can be improved through accurate evaluation by experts. It is important to establish a treatment strategy from a long-term perspective and manage it consistently by determining the treatment intensity according to the degree of sequelae.”

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