Gangneung other lectures and baths’n-th infection’ spread… 21 confirmed a day

(Graphic = Reporter Go Gyeong-min)

In Gangneung, Gangwon-do, as the number of corona19 confirmed surges, all 21 people were confirmed in one day on the 11th.

According to the Gangneung City Health Authority, five additional people living in Gangneung on the night of the 11th, including A (60s), were tested positive for Corona 19. These were classified into patients with 64 to 68 cases, respectively, in the Gangneung area.

Three people, including Mr. A, are believed to have been infected by Mr. B (in his 60s), the 53rd confirmed person in Gangneung, who was confirmed earlier this morning. Mr. B was found to have been in contact with confirmed person 41 in a bathhouse in Okgye-myeon.

The remaining two are all 10, and one is believed to have been infected from the 48th confirmed patient who had contacted the other lecturer, the 42nd confirmed. Another 10 to 1 person is investigating the route of infection.

As a result, there were 21 confirmed cases in Gangneung on the 11th, including 12 people from Gangneung Cultural Center, 7 bathhouses, and 2 people whose path of infection was unknown. The cumulative confirmed cases in Gangneung also increased to 68.

The health authorities plan to conduct detailed epidemiological investigations and movements of the confirmed patients, and transfer them when beds are allocated.

Gangneung City raised the social distance to 2.5 steps from 4 pm on the 11th to midnight on the 17th as the number of corona19 confirmed surges.


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