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Gaon Media Subsidiary Mobikei Launches ‘iPhone 13 Case’

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Mobikei iPhone 13 Cases & Accessories

[이데일리 강경래 기자] announced on the 15th that its subsidiary Mobikei will release exclusive cases and accessories to Amazon (US) and Amazon Japan in line with Apple’s official iPhone 13 release schedule.

In particular, following Amazon (US) last year, it officially entered Amazon Japan and is expanding overseas markets. Japan’s e-commerce market is the fourth largest in the world, and Amazon Japan is the second largest open market platform in Japan.

The products to be released this time are the ‘hybrid case’ and ‘TPU case’ that are compatible with MagSafe, the wireless charging function of the iPhone. In line with the iPhone 13’s protruding rear camera, the lens is designed to prevent scratches without touching the surface when dropped.

The hybrid case, reminiscent of a carrier bag, is a product optimized for iPhone protection by combining hard polycarbonate (PC) with a flexible and shock-absorbing thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material. The transparent wavy back design features a variety of Apple logo colors depending on the reflection of light.

The TPU case has a unique carbon pattern texture and light weight, so it looks like a case is not inserted. For quick shock absorption and excellent grip, the entire inner side is specially designed, and the nano dot method is applied to the outer edge.

An official from Mobikei said, “For the expansion of the global distribution network, we have prepared a foothold for entering the Japanese market after the US.

Meanwhile, Mobi-K plans to sell various accessories such as the MagSafe wireless charger, the MagSafe standing leather card wallet attached to the iPhone, and the coil mobile car charger through joint promotion with the iPhone 13 case on Amazon.


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