Gap-Jun Lee, Mayor-elect of Saha-gu, “We will speed up redevelopment and reconstruction”

(Busan = International News) Correspondent Jo Ha-yeon = Saha-gu mayor-elect Lee Gap-joon has done his best to attract high-tech companies and private investment for four years to complete the slogan of ‘Happy Saha that gives strength to my life’, and to achieve tangible results of redevelopment and reconstruction. said he would do it.

In a recent interview with the Korea Media Foundation, President-elect Lee said, “After the launch of the Yun Seok-yeol government, local residents wanted the ruling party mayor, and there were good results thanks to direct communication with the residents during the election process.” I will work hard,” he said.

Saha-gu is the only district in Busan that does not have a takeover committee, attracting attention. Instead, Lee receives a business report with the city council and district council members. The president-elect explained that he decided that a good understanding of the current issues of the constituency would be helpful for legislative activities related to securing the budget and lead to good results.

President-elect Lee pointed out the economic problem as the biggest issue in Saha, and emphasized that the Chinese New Year should be the first to put people’s livelihoods first. He said that in order to solve the inconveniences and difficulties of businessmen and residents, at least once a week, they will find a solution based on their voices at the site.

In addition, he explained that Saha’s long-term plan would be presented in the first half of next year. This is according to the fact that if the new Gadeok Airport is promoted in earnest around 2024, Saha will turn into a greedy area for private investors. Accordingly, as soon as possible, the tentative name ‘Business Development Promotion Council in accordance with the full-scale promotion of new construction in Gaduk’ was launched, with participation from all walks of life, and comprehensive plans including the new Gaduk Airport and maritime bridge issues were established, He added that he will meet in person to attract investment.

President-elect Lee selected parking and traffic problems as another urgent task for Saha.

In the meantime, there were plans to open roads, but he pointed out that they could not be implemented due to lack of financial resources. According to the experience of Saha-gu, it can receive financial support from the city,” he said.

He added that if possible, he will try to be reflected in the city’s plans by the end of this year.

Photo = Provided by the Korea Media Foundation.

In addition, President-elect Lee said that it is urgent to create a residential environment in Saha-gu. In particular, Saha-gu is one of the places where redevelopment takes place the most in Busan, but the progress is slow, he said, “Administrative procedures will be done within the minimum period.”

Conflicts among members were pointed out as another reason for the sluggish redevelopment projects. President-elect Lee explained that by the end of next month, the ‘Private-Private Joint Promotion Committee’ will be formed to focus on quickly resolving conflicts between residents while maximizing the interests of residents.

In addition to this, President-elect Lee is also involved in ▲attracting private investors for the tourism, cultural and leisure industries of Dadaepo ▲environmental maintenance such as creating park facilities near factory sites such as Hanjin Heavy Industries ▲preparing measures to prevent pollution in factories and nearby areas ▲creating a residential environment said he would try.

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