Gasoline, gained 1,500 in 2 months…”Next week is also expected to be weak”

▲ Refueling with gasoline and diesel Photo: Yonhap News

This week, as gasoline and diesel prices at domestic gas stations showed a downward trend, the price of gasoline fell to the 1,500 level gained in two months.

Gasoline prices have recently fallen for five consecutive weeks, reaching the KRW 1,500 level for the first time in about two months.

According to Korea National Oil Corporation’s oil price information system Opinet, the average selling price of gasoline at gas stations nationwide during the fifth week of May (May 28-June 1) was 1,599 won per liter, down 10.6 won from the week previous

It fell below 1,600 won in two months.

The average price of gasoline this week in Seoul, the most expensive region in Korea, was 1,673.3 won, down 9.9 won from last week, and in Daegu, the lowest price region, it was 1,557.3 won, down 8.6 won.

Gwangju was counted at 1,577 won, the same as Jeonju.

The selling price of diesel this week recorded 1,421.3 won, down 17.7 won from last week.

Diesel prices fell for the sixth consecutive week.

It is analyzed that domestic oil prices fell this week due to the increase in the weekly crude oil inventories of the United States and the possibility of a decrease in demand due to the sluggish economic indicators in China.

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