Gasoline prices rise, diesel prices fall… Price gap narrows to ’80 won’

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Gasoline sales prices rose at gas stations, and diesel sales prices fell.

According to the Korea National Oil Corporation’s oil price information system Opinet on the 28th, the average selling price of gasoline at gas stations nationwide in the fourth week of January (22nd to 26th) was 1,567.4 won per 1L (liter), up 7.2 earned from the previous week. By brand, the GS Caltex gas station was the most expensive at 1,576.0 won per litre, while the economy gas station was the cheapest at 1,541.9 won.

The average selling price of diesel this week was 1,652.2 won per litre, down 10.4 won from the previous week.

Diesel remains more expensive than gasoline, but the price gap, which had been over 230 won until the beginning of last month, has now narrowed to around 79.32 won.

The average price of Dubai oil this week, the standard for imported crude oil, recorded $83.4 a barrel, up $0.7 from the previous week.

An official from the Korea Petroleum Association predicted, “International gasoline and diesel prices show an upward trend for four consecutive weeks,” and “there is a possibility that domestic petroleum product prices will rise from next week.”


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