Gathering 2 brothers who intend to win 3.5 million 1 out of every 2 was found to be an employee of a company that withdraws money from a bank. much confession of debt

Sriracha News Center – Having arrested 2 brothers planning to join the company to earn almost 3.5 million baht, Ban Bueng police are preparing for a press conference tomorrow He revealed that he was arrested after the Chonburi Provincial Court approved an arrest warrant last night. Found the villain sister an employee who goes to withdraw money from the bank receiving a lot of debt

From the incident that the criminal wore a biker suit to argue with a company van driver who recently withdrew nearly 3.5 million baht in cash from a bank in Ban Bueng municipality, Chonburi province, to prepare to pay workers’ wages. By making insults and adultery with his wife until a fight happened. Until I had a chance to grab a bag and put a brass in a white van parked on the side of the road inside Soi Rat-U-Thit. Ban Bueng Municipality This afternoon (September 20)

And early today (September 21), police officers from the trial team, Region 2, went to the area to collect more evidence. Until it was found that the culprit was likely driving the pickup truck after dumping the motorcycle in the sugarcane forest on the side of the road in Ban Bueng District, Chonburi Province 4 Samed Subdistrict, Mueang Chonburi District About 2 hours after the event on 20 September

Recently, the reporters were also exposed by Pol Col Thawee Kudthaeng, Superintendent of Ban Bueng Police Station. Prapaporn Boonmesanom, a 29-year-old finance worker, who withdraws cash from the bank, and Jatupol Boonmesanom, 27, said the police have now been able to track down and arrest the two perpetrators who wear a biker.

The arrest happened after the police gathered evidence to ask the Chonburi Provincial Court. Arrest warrant approval And having confirmed that the two perpetrators are brothers, with Ms Prapaporn, the older sister admits that she has a lot of debt, so she joins her brother in planning such an event.

While detailed information will be given a press conference tomorrow (22 September) at 10.30

The reporter further reported that On investigation the pick-up truck used by the criminal to escape and claim in the insurance garage was a white Isuzu pickup, registration number Ngor Khor 9234, Chonburi, which the criminals contacted to ask to bring the car to claimed repairs at several points when 3 months ago, and the offender was still asking the people in the garage to take them to the lane after already bringing the car to the garage.

and from asking people in the garage that The villain had a furious expression. and, when he later learned that was the cause of the 3.5 million baht robbery, the people in the garage were shocked

And when last night the arresting officers included Pol Col Manot Wangsueksuk, Superintendent 1, Superintendent of Police 2. 2, together with the police investigating Region 2, were detained for further investigation . and confiscate the rest of the cash in the amount of 3.2 million baht to ask what the lost money was used for

And he also said that the two suspects were arrested in Samet Subdistrict, Mueang Chonburi District.

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