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Gayageum Intangible Cultural Heritage Moon Jae-sook, older brother Moon Hee-sang, former lawmaker → daughter Lee Ha-nui ‘Royal Family Reveal’

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Master Moon Jae-sook, National Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 23, unveils the original Royal Family.

On TV CHOSUN’s ‘Star Documentary My Way’ (hereinafter ‘My Way’), which will be broadcast on the afternoon of the 21st, Master Moon Jae-sook, the 23rd National Intangible Cultural Heritage, will appear.

Master Moon Jae-suk, who is the holder of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 23 Gayageum Sanjo and Byeongchang, is now an emeritus professor of Korean Music at Ewha Womans University and a chair professor at Shinhan University. As a disciple who was handed down, he has presented performances that capture the voice of Master Jukpa.

Along with such a splendid career, there is another modifier inseparable from Master Moon Jae-sook: the mother of actress Lee Ha-nui, and the younger brother of former lawmaker Moon Hee-sang and star singing instructor Moon In-suk. From politics to artists, her family and life story, called the original royal family, will be revealed in ‘My Way’.

First, Honey Lee, who grew up as a national actress in ‘Gugak Family’s Second Daughter’, appeared for her mother, Moon Jae-sook. Mother and daughter invited their mother to a space where she could meditate and have a tea ceremony that she had recently fallen in love with. Daughter Honey Lee said, “When I said I was doing something, my mom and dad never stopped me. It’s very strange in my parents’ worldview and I’m grateful that they respected me even if I didn’t understand it.” told You can also hear the story of Honey Lee’s youthful childhood, which is told by her mother, Moon Jae-sook.

Next, Master Moon Jae-sook visits his hometown Uijeongbu, meets his older brother Moon Hee-sang, a former lawmaker, and recalls his memories. He said that the reason he first encountered gayageum was because of “my brother’s recommendation”. “At first, I just started for the entrance exam, but at some point I started playing gayageum with a passion that made my heart boil,” he confessed. In a house full of childhood memories, the happy chatter of the siblings continued. Not only this, but also star singing instructor Moon In-sook, who came from the same womb but are very different sisters, and Moon Jae-sook’s husband, who fell in love at first sight and married in about 40 days, will also be revealed on the air.

‘Star Documentary My Way’ starring Master Moon Jae-sook and her royal family will be broadcast at 9 pm on the 21st.

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