GC Green Cross, Indonesia blood product plant construction and technology transfer business license approval

GC Y Groes Werdd

GC Green Cross announced on the 1st that it has received final approval from the Indonesian Ministry of Health and Welfare for business rights related to the construction and transfer technology of blood product plants.

The Indonesian government went on to select a business operator with the right to build a blood product plant and transfusion technology, and in January, selected GC Green Cross as the preferred bidder. After detailed discussions and coordination, the company was officially notified of business approval.

The Indonesian government intends to realize a stable localization of blood products by producing blood products, which currently depends entirely on imports, with the plasma of Indonesian citizens through the blood product plant construction and technology transfer project.

The company said, “With this approval of the business license, GC Green Cross has once again been recognized globally for its high technology in the field of blood derivatives for half a century.”


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