GCAP joins CRONFA AO to make a big change Getting ready to attack the full service guarantees business

Opening the year of the golden rabbit, GCAP or G Capital Public Company Limited announced a major move. Prepare to hold a shareholders meeting on March 8 to approve the issuance of newly issued PP ordinary shares and prepare to establish a subsidiary to overcome the securities business Raise strategies to generate income from Non-Lending Business to grow strongly.

Mr. Anuwat Kosol, CEO of G Capital Public Company Limited. Mr He said “AO FUND has a joint investment policy to conduct business with GCAP in the long term, combining expertise and business experience. Create stable income with diversification and mutual growth in the future.”

From 2023, GCAP is focusing on growth strategies in 2 main businesses: Lending Business, which is a hire purchase service for agricultural machinery in which GCAP has long-standing business expertise. and has a customer base of farmers who use the service, who can continue to expand their business, and a Non-Loan Business is a business and generates income apart from the credit business, such as building an airport project in Koh Tao and develop a platform to service agricultural machinery in the process

Increase the Company’s registered capital to conduct securities business this time It will expand the business to generate income from Non-Loan Business The securities business is considered a potential business and has opportunities for business growth. The Company’s Board of Directors and executives have long experience and expertise GCAP Synergy with AO FUND, which has networks and business partners domestically and internationally. as well as having strength in capital makes the operation successful and creates a revenue base to grow continuously in the future and for the greatest benefit to investors

This announcement of PP’s capital increase shares to GRONFA AO will make GRONFA AO hold 19.56% of GCAP’s shares. is used to establish 2 subsidiaries in order to apply for a business license Securities companies (guarantees) and asset management companies (asset management companies) in which GCAP will hold 100% of the shares.

In this regard, the Board of Directors meeting has decided to approve the establishment of 2 subsidiaries to support the full range of securities business. By applying for a securities business license, type A. which covers business operations such as securities brokerage, securities trading, securities underwriting, investment advisory services, mutual fund management, private fund management, lending and borrowing Business securities and applying for a license securities business, Type C. covers mutual fund management business. Private fund management Brokerage of investment unit securities Trading securities that are unit trusts Underwriting of investment unit securities investment advisor and venture capital management

The Company is preparing to invite the Special General Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2023 in the form of a meeting through electronic media (E-EGM) on March 8 from 2:00 pm onwards.

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