GDPPS Anniversary and Election of Officers | GDPS Anniversary and Election of Officers

Salalah: The Guru Dharma Pracharana Sabha celebrated its anniversary in Salalah. The event was held at the Farm House in Daris. Sudarshan inaugurated the function. He said that the relevance of Gurudeva’s messages should be conveyed to the people and efforts should be made in this particular context to implement Gurudeva’s vision beyond caste and religion. Shijo Pushpan presided over the function. Consular Agent Dr. K. Sanathan congratulated him.

Prajuna Sunil has been elected as the President of GDPS and Lata Vijayan as the Secretary. Rekha Sunil is the treasurer. Other office bearers: Jeena Mohan (Y. Pres.), Ashwati Sanesh (Jo. Sec.). A sixteen-member committee was also elected. Various art activities for mothers and children were also held. GDPS Oman Coordinator CV Sudarshanan, Patron Dr. K. Sanathanan, Vinod Tharayil, KK Ramesh Kumar, R. Concerning Manoharan and Vijayan.

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